Tenjho Tenge Intro Lyrics

Tenjho Tenge’s opening song is Bomb a Head and is sung by m.c.A・T. It is one anime intro that always gets stuck on my brain whenever I hear it. Thus, I finally decided to look into the translation of the song. That way, I can at least know what meaning I am butchering as I sing along.

The opening song of Tenjho Tenge:

The Lyrics to Bomb A Head by m.c.A・T

Bomb A Head
Your Party Time
Party Time! (Ah Yeah! Yeah!)
Time to Party Time!
Party Time! (Ah Yeah! Yeah!)
Bomb A Head, Bomb A Head
A burning soul is about to explode
Ah Yeah
Bomb a Head, Bomb a Head
After being reckless, now I learned my true self
Bomb, bomb, bomb A Head
Bomb, bomb, bomb A Head
Bomb, bomb, bomb A Head
Bomb, bomb, bomb A Head
Every time when I dance, 
The dream dances with a rhythm called today
Every time when I shout, my heart shouts to say
that I won't give up on tomorrow
Let's go
A diamond turns up in an alley
the treasure is the courage to grind it
cover with sweat and get mixed in town 
Is it nice to begin with a dance tonight?
In the night! Yeah! I feel so good!
Bin Bin Ba Ban here comes the rhythm thundering
If I'd be called crazy, that's all good!
My life is much more groovy than love
Every time I love you, I always want you
My feeling wants to meet you
Every time I miss you, I find you and kiss you
A longing night is so painful
Dance to Dance to drown out such feelings
Bomb, bomb, bomb A Head's Party Time! (Party Time!) Ah Yeah! (Yeah!)
It's goddamn Party Time! (Party Time!) Ah Yeah! (Yeah!) Uh!
Bomb A Head! Yeah Bomb A Head!
My soul is catching fire 'n it's ready to explode!
Bomb A Head! Yeah Bomb A Head!
Back then I was reckless, hiding my true self
Bomb Bomb Bomb A Head
Bomb Bomb Bomb A Head
Bomb Bomb Bomb A Head
Bomb Bomb Bomb A Head
Everytime I'm dancing, 
it feels like I'm dreaming
of a brand new 'today'
Everytime I'm shouting, hearing my heart pounding,
"Don't look back and make this future yours." Let's go!
Y'know that if you ever find the courage to pull through
you'll make it even if there's no point and no use
Drenched in sweat and no sight of regret
I'll dance - til I get to see this new sun set
In the Night! Yeah! I feel so good! Bang Bang Bang!
Rhythm like thunder!
People call me crazy, but it's all good!
They won't ever know, I'm grooving through my life
Every time 'I Love You', I will always 'Want U'
Know that I'm here for you
Every time I Miss U, I will find and Kiss U
Lonely nights of longing are the worst
so I'll keep on dancing - Dance 2 Dance!

Lyrics pulled from Jenny 「xUnreachablee] on YouTube.

What do you think of the Tenjho Tenge opening track? Does it get stuck on your brain too?


Your thoughts?

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