I Played and Dropped Immortal Heart

After seeing multiple adverts for the otome game Immortal Heart, I thought I would give it a playthrough. I quickly realised the game was more effort than it was worth. The game is intended to be a money farm and is not kind for players who will not or can not spend money on it.

The capture targets are nicely designed and the story does seem interesting. If not for the grind for gems in order to actually play, I would have continued the game for more than three sessions.

In one 40 minute session I spent 20 minutes playing the ‘mini-game’ which is a slot machine geared to make you watch adverts. In those 20 minutes, I earned enough points to buy enough gems to participate in a single event-chat. When the next one came about I could once again, not afford it. That is when I first had my reservations about the game and called an end to that session.

During my second playthrough, I realised the chat-events were getting more expensive with each interaction (whether I participated in the previous one or not – the price went up). This meant I once again spent more time playing the stupid slot game and watching adverts than actually playing the game.

With the third session, I knew I would be dropping this game. For the third time, I spent more time on the slot mini-game and watching adverts than actually progressing in the story. Even if you do not want to take part in the chat events, you need tickets to enjoy the story. These tickets also cost money – you can not get them with points. Or you can do one part of the story each day with the free ticket they give you. However, I do not see the point of getting only 5 to 10 minutes of the story every day.

You can earn 30 points watching an advert every 5 hours, however, the chat events quickly cost more than 30 points.  

I would not recommend this game in good conscience. Especially because I know it is a money farm for the game developer. Also, I know you can purchase proper, ad-free, actual complete otome games for less than what you would end up spending in-game to just actually participate in the game and achieve endings. I can not imagine someone pursuing multiple routes and characters, just from the sheer grind or cost of the game. 


Your thoughts?

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