Amnesia:Memories, Heart Route Shin

I watched the anime Amnesia before I knew that the anime was based on a game. I then discovered that Amnesia: Memories is available on STEAM for R79. I purchased it and have since poured hours into the game. My most recent play-through I figured I would conquer every possible ending starting with Shin.

Unlike Mystic Messenger, Amnesia Memories is an Otome game where you can spend a few hours and collect every ending for a single character. You can either play over days, or dedicate a single day. I myself have replayed the routes a number of times.

Who is Shin?


Shin is a year younger than our character, making him 18 years old. He is surprisingly mature and has a somewhat sharp tongue. Forced to grow up quickly and isolated due to his father’s past, Shin’s only friends are his childhood friends, Toma and our heroine. He is working hard towards getting a scholarship in order to go to further his studies. However, he puts more energy into looking after our heroine after realising she has lost her memories.

My Play-Through of Shin’s Heart Route in Amnesia: Memories

I split my game play over a few sessions. I had been house-sitting, packing and working, so I would play for a single ending at a time. I first went for the good ending, then the normal ending and then hunted down the bad endings. My below write up is kind of spoiler-ish, but not complete spoilers.

While the very first impression of Shin is quite impactful with the kiss in the hospital, he is not as ‘physical’ as he first appears. Realising we have forgotten our memory, he backs off quite a bit. Also, no matter the route you walk down, towards the good or the bad ending, his feelings are made clear. He adores and loves the heroine – even if he is now struggling with the fact she does not remember him.

Picking the correct choices for Shin’s character is pretty simple and it is quite easy to get a normal end for the pair. The good ending is a tad more challenging to get but still, not that hard. The bad endings (especially with Ukyo) if aiming for are also simple and if not wanting them, easy to avoid as well.

Pretty much to get the normal ending take his side, defend him and listen to what he has to say and don’t ask stupid questions. Do not pick Toma over Shin and try not be alone with Toma, since Shin is a bit jealous, even though he understands the relationship.

I realised the one bad ending (being stabbed to death) could be achieved in two ways. Either, fetching ice for Sawa or picking Ukyo to share a room with. The second one was pretty obviously a bad move since I did have the anime knowledge. Yet I did it anyway, because I was selecting every option, so that I could get every cutscene and ending.

The mystery was a fun aspect of the story leaving you to discover who was behind you getting hurt. While Shin does admit he is at fault for you getting into the accident, that does not explain why your blood would be in two different places.

As I was playing the game I was glad for the automated reading function as well as the ‘fast-forward’ option that allowed to quickly get through conversations. This meant that I did not need to spend too much time replaying certain parts of the route.

While the music is somewhat repetitive it is not overbearing, distracting or annoying. With the narrative and occasional effect sound it helped the time pass and pulled the story together. I wish we could have received more full body shots of our character’s, I was still happy with the artwork we did get for them throughout the game.

I found Otome Kitten’s walkthrough post for Shin when I was searching for how to get a single image that I am missing from Shin’s gallery. I realised I would need to play through a different character’s route to get it.

Overall, I always enjoy Shin’s route and from the anime, I have always held a soft spot for him. The game just confirmed that he will probably always have a spot in my heart.


Your thoughts?

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