Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay Workout

I found a certain website loaded with anime character inspired workouts. I decided to pick one and give it a try for one week. After browsing through the various workouts I decided to start with the Lucy workout that they had listed. The main reason for choosing Lucy was the very clear label that this set is a beginner difficulty level. Perfect.

Equipment needed:

This was not listed on the site but what I found from reading into the exercise moves listed in the workout.

  • 2x dumbbells;
  • Exercise mat or carpet;
  • Exercise bench or a solid, stable chair

The Lucy Heartfilia Workout 



  • High Knees
  • Jumping Jacks

Upper Body:

  • Pike Push-Ups
  • Skull Crushers

Lower Body

  • Bulgarian Split Squats
  • Fire Hydrants


  • Hollow Hold
  • Lying Leg Raises
Lucy Heartfilia Anime Workout how to AllAnimeMag

I did not list the reps nor the whole workout, so if you want the workout to check out Super Hero Jacked and the Lucy Heartfilia Cosplay Workout Routine.

After grouping up all of the exercises for the workout set for Lucy I then spent a fair amount of time scouring the internet to discover the how. I am very aware that injuries are a reality if you fudge up the movement and your form. I am not looking to hurt myself. While high knees and jumping jacks are simple and I know how to do them, I did include them in my mini-guide.

There are also some names for some of the workout moves that I was not too familiar with. Either, I had heard it before, like skull crusher, and could not instantly picture what that meant in terms of a workout. Then there were names like hollow hold, which honestly meant nothing to me. Blank.

My take on the Lucy Heartfilia exercise routine 

When I looked at the full details of the Hight-Intensity Interval Training section of this routine, I realised I was already confronting a challenge. I do not own an exercise bike, and my exercise partner can not sprint due to his asthma. So instead, I opted for 6km walks. As it is, my exercise buddy and I are doing between 5 and 6 kilometres every time we go walking. We walk 4-6 days every week, as life does get in the way. So I set the requirement of 6km in one hour (or just a few minutes more).

Lucy Heartfilia Anime Workout Checklist AllAnimeMag

Plus there were a few moves where I went with the listed alternative like going with Skull Crushers over Tricep Extensions. This was both due to not having the needed equipment or not being able to get a decent explanation on how to properly and safely do the movement.

To help me actually work my way through this, I made one of my favourite things, a checklist. This is a fun way for me to keep track and tally.

Workout moves I am concerned about:

I am fairly confident in most of the movements as I have done a lot of them before. However, it has been a while since I last exercised my body in a way that was not walking. So I am pretty sure I am going to be stiff. This means that there are some exercises like the dips, fire hydrants and squats that I am wondering if I can do them properly. The exercise moves in this particular routine that I am terrified of is the Bulgarian split squat and the pike push-up.

The pike push-up seems like it requires someone to stand some-what on their head, and then raise and lower themselves using their arms. Now, I am concerned for three main reasons. One, getting into the position seems like it will be, interesting is one way to describe it. Two, balance and head rush which I lose balance while walking on a flat surface with my feet securely and my body up-right. I get light headed standing up too fast.

Bulgarian split squats seem simple from the how-to and the images online. Once again, balance comes into question. That and knee strength. Some versions use weights, others do not.

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