My Favourite Arc of One Piece is Not From my Favourite Saga [13/30]

There are plenty of arcs in One Piece. These story arcs add up to make larger interlinked saga’s. Even though we are fast approaching 1 000 episodes, we have only had 9 saga’s. These 9 sagas are then broken down into 31 story arcs. Here is a list of the arcs and sagas, as well as my favourite arc and my favourite saga from the series. I am still not surprised that my favourite arc is not part of my preferred saga.

This is day thirteen and question 13 of my 30 One Piece Questions.


East Blue Saga

  • Romance Dawn Arc
  • Orange Town Arc
  • Syrup Village Arc
  • Baratie Arc
  • Arlong Park Arc
  • Loguetown Arc

Arabasta Saga

  • Reverse Mountain Arc
  • Whisky Peak Arc
  • Little Garden Arc
  • Drum Island Arc
  • Arabasta Arc

Sky Island Saga

  • Jaya Arc
  • Skypiea Arc

Water 7 Saga

  • Long Ring Long Land Arc
  • Water 7 Arc
  • Enies Lobby Arc
  • Post-Enies Lobby Arc

Thriller Bark Saga

  • Thriller Bark Arc

Summit War Saga

  • Sabaody Archipelago Arc
  • Amazon Lily Arc
  • Impel Down Arc
  • Marineford Arc
  • Post-War Arc

Fish-Man Island Saga

  • Return to Sabaody Arc
  • Fish-Man Island Arc

Dressrosa Saga

  • Punk Hazard Arc
  • Dressrosa Arc

Four Emperors Saga

  • Zou Arc
  • Whole Cake Island Arc
  • Levely Arc
  • Wano Country Arc

Favourite One Piece story arc: Whole Cake Island


Favourite saga of the series: Water 7


Which is Your Preferred Story Arc and Saga in One Piece?

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