3 of My Least Liked One Piece Characters [15/30]

Ussop used to one of the characters that I did not like. This was because of his voice. However, after re-watching One Piece and meeting a lot more characters, I have changed my mind. Ussop also grew and I adapted to his voice. Thus he is no longer my most annoying character from One Piece. Another character now holds that title, or rather three do.

This is day sixteen and the 15th question of my 30 One Piece Questions.


Least liked characters in One Piece: Princess Shirahoshi, Big Mom and Caesar Clown

Can Princess Shirahoshi please, please just stop with the tears? Also Big Mom, can we stop her singing and saying the word cake. The word is now forever ruined. I can literally still hear her say it. Then another strong contender for my least liked character is Caesar Clown. His laugh almost made me stop watching the anime. It got under my skin so badly. It even had my mom begging me to watch another anime, or watch with headphones on.

Other than the irritation caused by listening to these characters, I don’t have much to fault these three on. They just irritated my ears so badly that I took a disliking to the characters – which is one of the main reasons I disliked Ussop, until I switched over to the Subbed version of the anime.

Which are your least liked characters in One Piece?

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