My 3 Saddest Moments in One Piece [16/30]

One Piece has its fair share of really memorable and heart breaking moments. This post does contain spoilers. My saddest moments include up until the arc on Cake Island, Sanji’s family and Big Mom’s plot. Below I have listed a few moments and I can not decide which hurts my heart more.

This is the seventeenth day and the 16th question of my 30 One Piece Questions. I am still one post behind, but will catch up.


3 saddest One Piece moments for me:

To try and not make this too spoilery, I have given an outline of the moment without giving everything away. If you have read or watched these moments, you know why they hurt.

Law and Corazon’s farewell

Sanji’s Tears

Ace’s Selfless Act


Which are your saddest moments in One Piece?

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Your thoughts?

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