Dub or Sub, I watch One Piece in… [23/30]

There seems to be an imagined hierarchy with some anime viewers who believe watching subbed anime is better than watching dubbed. I do not agree nor buy into that. Thus, I included this question into the series. This one is obviously only for the anime watchers. The manga focused question for day 23 can be read here.

Here is the twenty third day and the 23rd question a of my 30 One Piece Questions.


I prefer to watch One Piece in both sub and dub

I know that saying both can be seen as a cop out answer but I genuinely do not care what language I am watching One Piece in, as long as there are subtitles if it is a language other than English. When it comes to One Piece, I often switch between sub and dub.

When I am working or blogging, or cooking or even exercising, I prefer watching the dub. The dub allows me the freedom I need to multitask and not miss out.

When I want to focus on the show, avoid a certain voice or watch the latest releases, I am happy to watch the sub. This duality is exactly why I set up dual monitors. I use to split screen my anime and whatever else I was working on. Now I can comfortably fit what I need.


From day one I switched between dub and sub. This happened to avoid Ussop’s sub voice – yes it had irritated me that much. Then it became a practicality thing and occasionally to avoid certain character voices. Since then I have learnt to recognise who is who, whether sub or dub and it does not throw me off anymore.

Do you prefer to watch One Piece in its dub or sub version?

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Your thoughts?

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