One Piece Things I Dislike [25/30]

One Piece has it’s pros and that means that it also has its cons. A while back I did a post on why I would advise people to avoid starting One Piece as well as why they should start it. Yesterday I discussed a few reasons why I like One Piece and so it is only fair to discuss things that I dislike about the series. Here I shall discuss four of my core reasons for disliking the series, even though I am a fan.

This is the twenty fifth day and the 25th question of my 30 One Piece Questions. We are almost at the end!


1. One Piece Cliff-hangers

Most people do not enjoy cliff-hangers and I am one of them. One Piece is really good at leaving you at a point where you really need to know what happens next. Especially when it comes to long time coming battles. That is where I have an issue with the anime not being all that far behind the manga. I can’t just switch over to the manga from the anime to satisfy my curiosity. 


2. Fillers

As mentioned in point one, the manga and anime are not too far apart. Thus, there are inevitable filler arcs in the anime so that the manga has chance to get ahead. While some of the One Piece fillers are okay and some blend in with the anime seamlessly, others are glaringly filler. I am not a fan of obviously filler episodes.


3. Non-central character development or backstory

One Piece is brilliant when it comes to character development. However, there are times where too much time and attention is placed on side characters. This is done to try elicit an emotional connection and response from us as the audience but a lot of the time, for me, it evokes the opposite response. I would rather the attention be on our main cast. Yes some of the back story is needed for context, but not multiple chapters or episodes worth.  


4. Reused plot in One Piece

For any long running series there are elements that will be reused. For Inu Yasha it is the ‘get a fragment, it gets stolen’ rinse repeat. In One Piece the reused plot is ‘save-the-country’. Often this is paired with a damsel in distress, but not always. 

  • East Blue – Saved the villages from oppressive rule – Nami
  • Arabasta – Saved the country from a pirate plot – Vivi princess
  • Sky Island – Saved the country from a guy with a god complex 
  • Fishman Island – Saved the country from a Coup d’État – Shirahoshi
  • Dressrosa – Saved the country (but not before massive damage) – Rebecca 
  • Four Emperors – Finally getting to the point where they shall save the country after they saved a country on an elephant, and faced off against an arranged marriage.

There are 9 main saga’s in One Piece so far. Of which, 6 have had this ‘save-the-country’ plot line, with one of them featuring it twice. I personally am over this thread of plot use. 

One Piece Save the Country Rebecca and Vivi

What do you dislike about One Piece?

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