One Piece, Pirates/Marines [28/30]

The choice of which pirate crew or marine crew to join in the One Piece world seems obvious. Well, this did not take too much effort for me to answer. I did not even think on it. My answer is incredibly shallow and just proves once more that I am a simp. With that said, you can probably guess my choice – and my reasoning.

Honestly speaking, I probably would just be a mob character who boringly lives out their life on a single island. But since I have to choose, here is the twenty eight day and the 28th question of my 30 One Piece Questions series.


The Basic Choice: Straw Hat Pirates


Who would not want to join the crazy bunch of pirates? Although I would join the crew for a certain blonde member with swirly eyebrows and killer cooking skills. I really want to taste his cooking plus it could be fun to be part of the crew. Although since I am joining the crew on their many journeys’, aren’t I technically already a member too?

Different Choice: Heart Pirates

Once again my choice is not pure, my decision of wanting to join the Heart Pirates is Law. I would probably get in the way but I would have fun being part of the crew.

Which crew/marines would you join if you were in One Piece?

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Your thoughts?

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