5 Male Anime Water Users

It has taken me months to put together this post for male anime water users. I thought I would have an abundant amount of choices and that I would be free to choose. Yet the anime gods laughed at me. However, because I wanted to put together a list of water users that only use water – no ice, no light, no other elemental ability – my limited list became even more so. Then with the limit of one water user per anime rule I put on myself for these posts, I made it more complicated for myself.

Finally months after my 5 Female Anime Water Users post, I can finally reveal my list for male water users.

1. Jinbe

Jinbe water gif

Anime Source: One Piece

I think I would have a riot on my hands if I failed to include Jinbe in this list. For his Fishman Karate, he needs to be able to control water. The better his control, the better his karate. Thus he is a natural addition to my list.

anime quote One Piece Jinbe allanimemag Anime Water User

2. Kisame Hoshigaki

Kisame water use

Anime Source: Naruto

As mentioned in the female water users list. some characters are going to make it onto every list. For the male water users that would be Kisame from Naruto. It was a tough decision between Kisame and Zabuza Momochi – just so you know I did not forget him. I just felt Kisame was a better fit for this particular list.

anime quote naruto Kisame Hoshigaki allanimemag

3. Takeshi Yamamoto

Takeshi Yamamoto water use gif 1

Anime Source: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Takeshi Yamamoto is a pleasant and sociable high school student. He is loyal to his friends and would go to any length to defend them from harm. Takeshi’s main weapon at the beginning of the series is a bat but he eventually gets the ability to manipulate water.

anime quote Katekyo Hitman Reborn Takeshi Yamamoto allanimemag_

4. Alan Stuart

Anime Source: My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

Alan is a master of water wizardry. As a Royal, he is not permitted to use his water magic unless it is absolutely essential.

Anime quote Hamefura Alan Stuart allanimemag

5. Kota IZUMI

Anime Source: My Hero Academia

Kota’s Quirk allows him to shoot a squirt of water out of his palms. Because of Kota’s youth and lack of training and experience, the Quirk seems to be rather weak. Its entire scope and features are unknown at this time.


Bonus: Squirtle

Squirtle Water use

Anime Source  : Pokemon

Technically Squirtle is not a character in the sense of being human, but we all know Squirtle is full of character.


Who is your favourite male water user?


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