5 Things That I Like About Bleach [01/30]

With this start of the 30 question series for Bleach for both the anime and the manga, I felt the first thing I had to ask was, why do you like Bleach? What parts of Bleach make you happy, what elements do you enjoy about it? What keeps you going back to Bleach again and again? Here are 5 things that I like about Bleach that keep me coming back for more year after year.

Here is the first day and first post of my 30 Bleach Questions series.


1. The clothes


The clothing in Bleach is so satisfying to see. The characters get to express themselves in normal, day to day clothing. Yes there are the standard uniforms and iconic and instantly recognisable outfits, but when the characters are free to wear normal clothing, it is normal clothing.

We also get to see characters reuse items of clothing with other items of clothing. Maybe it’s my age showing, but this one small detail grounds the series and makes the characters so much more real for me. I do also really enjoy the fashion outfits and then also the proper ‘character’ outfits like Kisuke Urahara’s iconic assemble.

2. Character dynamics

It is a challenge to develop characters and then have those characters interact with each other naturally. It is also a challenge develop character bonds throughout a story as well as show how certain characters work together as a result of their personalities without betraying who they are as characters to get wanted results.

Bleach does a really good job of showing you character interaction and all the dynamics involved without distorting or betraying the characters. I really enjoy this aspect and it is one of the reasons that I can keep coming back to Bleach again and again.

3. Overall story


There are flaws and plot holes and random changes in direction throughout Bleach as well as some truly surprising plot twists. The series remained enjoyable through it all. The points flowed and all built on itself. There were hints for things that happened all throughout the series, which does show some forward planning and foreshadowing.

4. Graphicness in the manga


The manga is more graphic than the anime, especially with the older episodes. I personally like the graphicness in the manga, it adds a level of seriousness that the anime lacks a bit. I hope that the continuation of the anime that the Thousand Year Blood War will keep the level of seriousness and the graphicness that is shown in the manga.

5. The Soundtrack in the anime

The soundtracks in the Bleach anime make me so happy. Whenever Ichigo has those really intense and his theme track music plays, I smile without fail. I also have a number of the opening and closing tracks on in multiple playlists and enjoy listening to them quite often. I enjoy the different music played throughout the anime, I just keep going back to it.

Why do you enjoy Bleach?

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