Taking on Mount Fuji Because of Anime

It has almost been a year since the first advert for the Mount Fuji Virtual Challenge appeared on my Facebook timeline. I have been so eager to do this since then. However, it just never worked out with timing or health or money. Finally, I can take on this challenge and have even managed to get my mother involved!

What is the Virtual Challenge?


It is challenge is a virtual 74 km (46 mile) journey up to the summit of Mount Fuji. The challenge is that even though it is virtual, you still have to physically complete the distance with a distance-based exercise. The whole point of the challenge is to get and keep you moving. During the journey you get to explore a destination virtually via street-viewer on the Conqueror Challenge’s app. While you complete the journey you advance on the map available in the app, virtually explore the surroundings and get virtual postcards all while planting trees.

For every 20% of a challenge that is completed, the company donates towards the planting of an actual tree. So far the company has planted more than 450,000 trees since August 2020. As a proud tree hugger, I am all for this. The company has a wide range of challenges available covering different distances, landmarks and countries.

How much does it cost?

For standard entry, that is the challenge entry and medal it is US $29.95 | UK £24.95 | €28.95 which works out to R434,74 with the current exchange rate. It is quite pricey but I feel it will probably be so worth it in the long run. I have saved up for this challenge, I was determined that I would be taking it on.

I did find out that there is an extra cost of $4.95 (R71,85) per medal for shipping. Personally, I feel this should be made known before you get to the payment option, or preferably, the shipping should have been built into the price. The shipping is fixed and not address dependant. I do understand why the shipping cost is per medal, but due to the exchange rate, I really felt it with my bank account.

Since I included my mother’s entry into the challenge, I wound up paying R1013,18. I will admit, this is worth 3 months gym membership or 25 medium Big Mac Meals from Mg Ronalds (yes, I did that) for a country to country comparison. This means I will be a tad more active in completing this challenge.

Why Mount Fuji?


Anime and Japan, duh.

As the header of this post says, I am taking on the Mount Fuji challenge out of all of the challenges on offer because of anime and thus Japan. I have been wanting to visit Japan because of Sakura trees long before I even discovered anime. Anime just solidified the desire. Plus, the badge you get for completing the challenge is just so pretty.

The street view will let me get to experience my goal and dream in a small way and will let me explore a passion in a whole new way. Plus, as with previous posts, I like to take on challenges. I seem to get things done when it is presented as a challenge, rather than as a ‘habit’ that I will work on. Especially when I make myself socially accountable, like proclaiming I am starting a challenge, as I am doing with this post.

I shall be posting my progress and experience as I go along and I am determined to conquer Mount Fuji, even if it’s only virtually.


Your thoughts?

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