One Piece Episode 1 000

One Piece episode 1 000 has been a momentous occasion within the One Piece community. The demand for the episode even managed to crash streaming servers like Crunchyroll when it went live.

I, myself, was 40 episodes behind but made it my goal to binge and catch up. This was so that I too could watch the episode as it aired. Personally, I am glad that I was able to be part of this historical anime moment. I was also there for the manga’s 1000th chapter.

Moments in the episode that stood out for me because of the previous 999 episodes:

  • The trust and understanding between Zoro and Luffy.
  • The successful docking and yeeting of characters.
  • The omage to the original episode break images.
  • The recap of each strawhat crew member’s journey, including Jinbe.
  • Seeing the clear growth of the characters—especially Luffy and how he has grown and matured over the series—is a treat, to the point of knowing the value of actions.

Announcements around the 1000th episode of One Piece:

This episode’s milestone and achievement for One Piece has had a few official announcements released:

  • The new One Piece live-action cast was revealed.
  • Information on the new One Piece movie was released. Such as its name, RED, and the fact that it will likely be based on Shanks.
  • The iconic intro song, ‘We Are’ was reanimated for episode 1 000.

One Piece 1000 Logs Remaster version of the opening WE ARE


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