Night Raid, who are they?

Each member of Night Raid is known for a unique style of combat, and the team is headed by Najenda, a former general of the imperial army. The main purpose of Night Raid is to depose the Prime Minister and dismantle his corrupt regime, which only serves to harm the nation’s people. Teigu are the weaponry of Night Raid, aka the Imperial Arms. These things are alchemy items manufactured from components of dangerous monsters that were found to be older than 900 years. This number was once 48, but half of them have since been lost.

Night Raid Members



Akame was trained since childhood by the Empire to be an assassin. After a fateful mission, she was convinced to leave the empire and join Night Raid.


Bulat changed sides from being a soldier of the Empire to being a member of Night Raid. He changed sides after he realised the level of corruption happening in the army.


Chelsea joins the infamous Night Raid after her own team had been eliminated while she had been out on a mission. Her track record was as blood trodden as Akame, proving her to be a truly lethal addition to the team.



Leone started off in the slums. After saving some children she was recruited by the the Revolutionary Army. She then joined Night Raid.


Lubbock Akame Ga Kill Anime

Lubbock gave up the life he knew to follow the woman he loved and eventually found himself as a core member of Night Raid.


Mine joined the Revolutionary Army and subsequently became a member of Night Raid after she had learnt that they were forming alliances with the western countries.


Najenda is the leader of Night Raid. She had once been a General of the Empire but defected to the Revolutionary Army after seeing how corrupt the regime was.


Sheele discovered her potential to be an assassin while protecting her best friend and later herself. She then proceeded to be a freelance assassin and was eventually recruited by Night Raid.


Susanoo, although isn’t human, he is part of the team. He is a humanoid Teigu wielded by Najenda.


Tatsumi went to the capital city in order to raise funds for his village with his friends, he winds up in a situation where he runs into the infamous Night Raid. He then proceeds to join them, although not willingly (at first).

Click on the character below if you would like to learn more about any of them:

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Which Night Raid member is your favourite?


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