Free Sports Anime Calendar 2022

When I was making the sports anime-themed calendar, I didn’t have to think very hard about it. There are 24 suggestions for people who like to watch and enjoy sports anime spread out over the two calendars. Some of them are classics of the genre, but there are also some newer releases.

From 2017 on, I’ve been giving away my calendars for free. Each calendar has a link to a PDF of the calendar. For people who like to mix and match their anime calendars like me, there are a few other calendars to choose from.

I’ll be posting anime series calendars throughout the next few weeks. Please leave a comment if you have any specific anime requests for my calendars. So far, I’ve had requests for Naruto, Studio Ghibli, and Solo Leveling. I have completed the requested calendars for One Piece, Bleach, Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, Jujutsu Kaisen and a romance themed one.

What do you think of my two sport themed anime calendars below?

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Simple 2022 Anime Calendar

Here is a simple and plain character featuring 12 popular, new and well-known anime as well as a few forgotten about titles. Which is your favourite sports anime and have I included it in the calendar?

PDF version on Google Drive


Romance Anime Wall Calendar

I debated over which sports to include in this version of the sports anime calendar. I then had to resist basically making a calendar of shirtless guys. I then noticed the serious lack of female representation in this calendar, so made sure to include more women in the simple calendar version.

PDF version on Google Drive


Your thoughts?

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