1 Playthrough to Unlock 4 DRAMAtical Murder Routes

I stumbled upon a post where they gave the breakdown on how to unlock all four of the main routes in DRAMAtical Murder in one playthrough. While I was following the guide, I realised the options did not match up with the version I was playing. From the third prompt, the two versions start to differ. Every guide I have found since has been for the original version or the cracked version. Not for the official version on Steam. Not even the guide on Steam was for the Steam version of this game.

This then led to multiple attempts to get this right. While going through, I noted the differences between the two versions available and thus which options to take.

In the below guides for the cracked/original version of the game and the official version of the game, I have colour-coordinated the characters and listed which prompt works for which character.

To land on a specific character’s route, you need 3 points for them, and none of them should have 4 points. If one character has 4 points, you will automatically be put onto that character’s route and not be able to choose between characters. Be careful. All of the characters have the ability to get 4 points. You want it to be evenly divided with 3 points each. None of the guides mentioned this, and I learnt it the hard way.

If you choose the alternative choice to the one mentioned below, it is considered a blank choice and does not count for any of the target characters. As such, I marked the selection you should make with bold lettering to make it even easier to follow the guides.

My little colour code for the characters:

This guide is constant for every DRAMAatical Murder post on my blog.

  • Mink – FEBCD9 but in the post C075A6
  • Koujaku – 9F2530
  • Noiz – 54B584
  • Clear – D7E088

For Noiz and Clear, I went with darker versions of their colours because the original colours are way too light to read.

  • Noiz – E9FDD1 – example
  • Clear – F6F7A1 – Example

Choices during the common route of DRAMAtical Murder (Cracked/Original Version):

DRAMAtical Murder all 4 routes unlocked success
  1. Hesitate (Koujaku)
  2. Why the umbrella? (Clear)
  3. You brat! (Noiz) 
  4. I hear someone on the stairs (Koujaku) / I hear someone on the roof (Clear)
  5. Talk it out (Noiz)
  6. Call out to Koujaku (Koujaku) / Call out to Noiz (Noiz)
  7. I have to bear with this (Mink)
  8. Be patient (Mink)
  9. Hurry inside (Mink) / Did you really hear me? (Clear)
  10. Go up to Noiz (Noiz)
  11. Call Clear’s name (Clear) / Search for Clear
  12. Fight Koujaku’s enemies (Koujaku)
  13. Listen to Mink (Mink)

[Save here]


Choices during the common route of DRAMAtical Murder (Official Version):

DRAMAtical Murder all 4 routes unlocked success revealed
If you see all 4, Koujaku, Clear, Noiz, and Mink on this screen in your game, you already know you have succeeded in getting all 4 routes open. This screen shows which character routes are available to you.
  1. Hesitate (Koujaku)
  2. Why the umbrella? (Clear)
  3. What is this guy, twelve?  (Noiz)
  4. I hear someone on the stairs (Koujaku) / I hear someone on the roof (Clear)
  5. I try to talk him down (Noiz)
  6. I call out to Koujaku (Koujaku) / I call out to Noiz (Noiz)
  7. I don’t have a choice (Mink)
  8. I keep quiet (Mink)
  9. I want to get inside. (Mink) / “Did you really hear me?” (Clear)
  10. I walk up to Noiz (Noiz)
  11. I call his name (Clear) / chose the other option
  12. I draw some of them away (Koujaku) (top)
  13. I do as Mink says (Mink)

[Save here]

To pick a route, simply think of the character you want. I hope you find this guide helpful.

Your thoughts?

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