Naruto and Shippuden Anime Calendar 2022

I was busy working on a Naruto calendar for this year for quite a while. While working on the Naruto calendar I would take a break and work on other calendars. Honestly, I am glad that these two are done.

As of 2017, I’ve been giving away all of my calendars for free! There is a link to a PDF of each calendar. I like to mix and match anime calendars, so there are a few other calendars to choose from for people who do the same.

I’ll be posting anime series calendars throughout the next few weeks. Please leave a comment if you have any specific anime requests for my calendars. So far, I’ve had requests for Solo Leveling and the others I have completed. I have completed the requested calendars for Studio Ghibli, One Piece, Bleach, Demon Slayer, Tokyo Ghoul, Jujutsu Kaisen and a romance themed one as well as a sports-themed calendar.

What do you think of my two Naruto and Naruto Shippuden themed anime calendars below?

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Simple Naruto 2022 Anime Calendar

Here is a simple and plain calendar featuring 12 screenshots from Naruto I struggled to put this one together. Looking at the calendar now, I realise I didn’t feature Sakura nor Sai. I swapped images out so often and now I am surprised I missed featuring team 7.

PDF version on Google Drive


Naruto Shippuden Wall Calendar

This one was a really hard calendar for me to put together. I have so many screenshots and it took me a really long while to work my way through all of them. Then I had to narrow my selection down to 12. I genuinely had no idea who I should focus on or feature. I hope you like my selection.

PDF version on Google Drive


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