Hacking it with Noiz in DRAMAtical Murder

Honestly, Noiz reminds me of a really close friend of mine. In both snark and appearance. So his route was on the awkward side for me, until I managed to separate my friend from Noiz in my mind. His route has me wishing we could protect this boy from his past hurts.

Who is Noiz?

DRAMAtical Murder Noiz

One of the leading roles in “DRAMAtical Murder” is Noiz. He is a Rhyme information broker and the founder of the Ruff Rabbit team. Usagimodoki is his AllMate, which takes the form of a cube-shaped rabbit.


He is an expert at gathering information, and his team makes money by selling information such as locations where Usui is likely to emerge. Noiz is also a talented hacker and is a genius when it comes to electronics, as demonstrated when he removes a virus from Ren.

Noiz is a tall, slender man with blonde hair that is cut short. He has light green eyes and brows that are the same colour as his hair. His torso is almost fully pierced, and he has bandages wrapped around both of his hands. Noiz is the game’s youngest main character. He is taller than Aoba despite being a few years younger. At the start of the game, Noiz wears a dark blue and white collared shirt with a long-sleeved black undershirt, a green tie, and many badges on his breast pocket and tie.

Noiz’s clothes consist of a dark blue and white collared shirt with a long-sleeved black undershirt, a green tie, and several badges on his chest pocket and tie at first. His belt and headgear. He’s dressed in dark navy slacks with his Allmates chained to his waistband and hanging over the sides of his waist. Noiz’s beanie cap is black and green with a woollen underlayer, a rabbit motif, and one larger smiley face pin.

Noiz’s Rhyme form wears his distinctive clothing, however, it is mostly hidden by a white lab coat and a stethoscope around his neck. Noiz is likewise dressed in a green bunny mask.


Due to Noiz’s many allmate cubes, Usagimodoki has two forms in Rhyme. There is a ‘leader’ rabbit in the game who resembles Noiz. Declaring its attacks and defences, as well as the amount of damage it and its opponent has taken. Also, it takes on the form of multiple bunnies, with red boxing gloves. They are in charge of carrying out the offensive and defensive directives of the lead rabbit.

Theme Songs

  • Feel your noise(Game)
  • Felt (Anime)

Voice Actors

Koujaku’s character is voiced by the same voice actors in both the game and in the anime.

  • Satoshi Hino (Japanese)
  • Corey Hartzog (English Anime)

My Play-Through of Noiz’s Route in DRAMAtical Murder

As per normal, getting onto Noiz’s route of the game wasn’t too hard. Especially once I understood how the game determined routes. When we learn that Noiz can not really feel pain, it made a lot of sense. When we learn why, my heart broke for him.

DRAMAtical Murder Game Noiz Aoba

I went through Noiz’s route several times to get both the good and bad endings in both the official version of the DRAMAtical Murder game on STEAM and the cracked version of the game. I went through both versions to get both the official censored and uncensored gameplay. Noiz’s route has been the most difficult for me to complete thus far. Even when I went looking for the guide because I was getting stuck.

The switch from sudden acquaintances to ‘physical’ acquaintances to friends to more than friends happens with very odd pacing. I also love that the first shift happens due to multiple misunderstandings and assumptions by Noiz.

[Spoilers Ahead]

The exploration of the town in Platinum Jail was such a cute experience to read through. With Noiz and Aoba getting food after food, Noiz stealing Aoba’s food brought me such joy. When Noiz reveals that he has been living off of delivered pizza or pasta, I could relate to that as well as the fact that he didn’t get bored of those two foods. Plus, learning that Noiz is still in his teens and younger than Aoba just reminded me so much more of my friend. 

I want to know who started the fight with the guys where Noiz gets his hand hurt. The glare from Noiz over having his hand treated and having it compared to a child angrily glaring at their parent genuinely made me laugh. It was during my second playthrough that the dialogue here made more sense. Since I now know the full background of our capture target. Then Aoba brilliantly says an open edended or rather misleading line over why people would help others, outside of looking for a benefit. This is the moment that makes Noiz really start to question Aoba’s intentions and actions. In trying to understand, he misunderstands.

My heart really hurts at the fact Noiz, can see no other reason for Aoba to help him. The following ‘go-with-the-flow‘ attitude from both of them afterwards showed no real thoughts for afterwards. Unlike Mink’s violence, the violence in Noiz’s route does not upset me. It is well placed and appropriate for the setting in which it is shown.

I am glad the pair exchanged blows in the tense moment. I feel this really let them vent as well as communicate. The fight had been a long time coming and its timing was brilliant. Although, Noiz does go for a really low blow. The moment that these two share afterwards is one of my favourites from the entirety of the DRAMAtical Murder game.

Why are all the boys in this game so traumatised? Also, why does this game like to make me think my game is broken or that it is crashing? Once I figured out that the game was just messing with me, I asked my fiance to come and fix it for me, so that I could get a giggle out of it.

The censoring in the hospital cuts out a whole chunk from the good ending. I was surprised by how much they removed from that scene. I thought it would be extreme cropping, we still get that, but I was not expecting an entire bit to be removed entirely. The censored version does not have Aoba prepping himself.

Answering the questions in this route was a real challenge and took a long time before I could get to the good end. I eventually had to seek out a guide for the answers and that still did not help me all that much.

Noiz and Aoba’s good end


This end starts off so so good. Aoba saving Noiz after he saved him and then the whole hospital scene. The communication, self-reflection and growth were amazing to see. Then Noiz disappears without a word and seems to come back after losing his character somewhat. His complete 180 was understandable but still somewhat disappointing to see.

The bad end: Imagining Pain


This is such a bad end, even within the concept of this game and knowing the other bad ends. This particular end with Noiz never fails to make me flinch. I can never really fully separate myself from the characters when this end comes around. It is a brutally painful ending but this bad end does not last long and soon goes into the credits.

The bad end: ‘Pokemon’ End


The fact that even with reaching this end multiple times and reading through this ending, you can not speed through it, is incredibly frustrating and mildly appropriate. I adored the pokemon references in this bad end.

Final thoughts:


The game gave a good balance between the plot and the *PLOT* for Noiz’s route. We also get some moments that show the relationship development between the two. While I can understand the depth of emotion from Noiz since he did have a complete relook at life thanks to Aoba, I do not understand Aoba’s depth of feeling for Noiz. Although, they both did sacrifice their lives for one another.

I have conflicted feelings about Noiz being able to feel pain. He could not feel pain before it was a mental response. Having that aspect taken away feels like a cop-out for his condition. His condition was physical, not mental. So having this corrected due to Aoba’s ability felt ‘off’. Unless is Aoba’s ability able to affect the physical condition of the body?

I appreciate the healing and acceptance message from his route, but I do wish we had the option to protect and help this boy without having to have him as a capture target.


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  1. Your reviews of dmmd are so fun to read! I couldn’t agree more, I’ve only completed clear and Noiz so far and your point of Noiz doing a 180 was so true. The pair had great chemistry playing off one another’s more edgy sides but now he’s boring 🤨 who decided that was a good idea.

    In terms of mink… I have yet to play him but I hope his Native heritage is at least relevant because I’m not sure why HE in particular had to be abusive

    I’m being too critical ahah, what did you think of clears route?

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