Detective Conan Catch Up Month 1

Detective Conan has over 1 000 episodes. This means, as a long time anime consumer and then turned blogger and social poster and reviewer, I felt that I needed to give this series a fair shot. One month has passed since I started this journey. As mentioned in my post where I explained that I will be properly starting Detective Conan to watch it up to date, this journey will take me 7 months. With the completion of the first month, 28 days, I should have completed 140 episodes.


Here is how my Case Closed journey has gone so far…


I have watched 103 episodes of the estimated 1062 episodes. That means I have 959 episodes to go until I am all caught up. Yay, I broke the 1 000 episode threshold! Since I completed 103 episodes I am 37 episodes behind my initial goal.

This first month has been a month of playing catch up. I started on the 3rd of January 2022. The first few days I hit my quota of 5 episodes per day. Then the wheels fell off and I had to play catch up. Numerous times throughout the month.

I put together a page of me to keep track of where I am in my watching for each month.

I would fall behind by a few days and then have to watch 10 at a time to make up for the lost days and catch up. Hopefully, February will be a month where I have the time to reach my 177 episode goal. This means for the month ahead, I should be watching at least 7 episodes a day to make up for January and keep up with my seven-month schedule.

Things I like about Detective Conan

I rather like that the crimes are explained along with the motives in the Case Closed anime. I enjoyed the way Shinichi first found a way to turn back into his teen self but I was sad that it was a one time deal. I adore that Ran is smart and capable.

I like the characters and enjoy seeing them interact with one another. Plus the fact there are new people and recurring characters throughout, I find it nicely balanced. One thing I dislike is the way Mori keeps hitting Conan.


Questions I have about the series

  • Why is Conan so okay with exposing the children to danger and dead bodies?
  • Will this ever be more than case after case after case?
  • How much time has passed since he turned into a child?
  • Will Ran ever know who Conan really is without having it explained away?

Now with that all said and done, I’m onto the second month of my journey to clear this anime. Are you taking on any long-running anime?


Your thoughts?

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