15 Romance Webtoons

Another Valentines day so another romance-related post. This time focusing on webtoons. I put together a list of 15 webtoons that feature romance and have a really good plot and entertaining characters. Some are complete, some are ongoing, all of them are enjoyable and binge-able.



1. Villains Are Destined to Die

Penelope reincarnated into a reverse harem dating sim as the adopted daughter of Duke Eckart and as the main villainess. The trouble is that she started the game in the toughest setting, which means that no matter what she does, she is destined to die in every ending! In order to survive, she needs to reach a happy ending with one of the male leads before the Duke’s real daughter returns. However, her choices are limited to her adopted brothers, who dislike that she has ‘replaced’ their real sister, a bloodthirsty crown prince, an enamoured magician, and a loyal slave knight. Each route poses a danger, and the more she tries to distance herself from the male leads and their bad ends, the more they seem to like her.

2. Little Rabbit and the Big Bad Leopard

Little Rabbit and the Big Bad Leopard

As a werefabbit, Vivi is meant to be able to transform from her cute rabbit form into a human. However, she is unable to shift forms and is classed as a failure by her fellow wererabbits. She is demonized as cursed and is abandoned in the Black Leopard Clan’s territory. Upon discovery of intruders in his clan’s territory, Ahin, the Black Leapord Clan’s heir, accidentally saves Vivi. On a whim, he takes her home with him. Even with of all the threats and commands that the temperamental Ahin throws Vivi’s way, she’s becoming increasingly concerned about her own safety (and her sanity). She’ll have to fend for herself in the midst of carnivores and their powerful scents and whims.

3. Love Like Cherry Blossoms

Love Like Cherry Blossoms

He knows her secret and she knows his. To keep their secrets they make a deal. They should be strangers after that but he offers to help her successfully confess to her crush. True to his word she starts getting closer and closer to having her feelings realised, all the while slowly getting used to this sudden annoying guy in her life. What is his goal really and why is her attention so divided?

4. I Shall Master this Family

I Shall Master this Family

The Lombardi family used to be at the pinnacle of the empire. Following the death of its head of the family, the fate of the family, as well as that of Firentia, born of a Lombardi and a peasant, is jeopardised at the hands of her useless and cruel relatives. However, when she is reincarnated as her seven-year-old self, she will work to protect the family’s honour, gain the favour of her grandfather Lulac, and prevent the death of her own father. There is only one way for her to win in this lifetime: she must become the head of their mighty family.

5. Another Typical Fantasy Romance

Another Typical Fantasy Romance

Lithera quickly realised that happily-ever-afters were never easy to come by after the gods dropped her into the world of her favourite fantasy romance novel. Given a second chance at happiness, she is determined to avoid the mistakes of her previous life, beginning with meeting the sweet and caring Grand Duke with whom she has spent years exchanging letters… Another typical female lead promised to marry another typical Duke. Will this storey follow the expected path?

6. The Dictator

They met in the middle of a war zone but spared one another. She leaves the army and is hired as a personal bodyguard for a noble in a foreign land. She remembers him and learns that he is an unrecognized successor to the Sultan. He is vicious, deadly and stern. Through her contract, he owns her for one year. And now he’s making plans to own her for the rest of her life. While she is counting down the days until the end of her one year contract so she can go home and leave her cold-blooded client behind as nothing more than a bad memory.

7. Miss Not-So Sidekick

She awoke and entered her favourite novel as a pitiful supporting character of a side character, not as the main character or the villain! Kim Hye-Jeong, a teacher, enters the world of her favourite novel, ‘The Flower of the Beast,’ and takes on the role of Latte. She decides to abandon her original role in order to support the main character and watch the storey, romance, and drama unfold from the front row! 

8. The Villain’s Savior

Aseph Randell is doomed to die a villain. He had been set on a path of tragedy and misfortune from a young age after the graphic murder of his parents. That is until the mysterious and teary Elzay Tiathe appears in his life. Elzay knows the twisted fate tied to Aseph after having vivid visions of him for so long and from reading about him in a novel. Will she be able to save him from himself or will he destroy her and her family first? After all, he was meant to fall obsessively in love with her sister. Plus Elzay has been marked with a true love crest and Aseph has not.

9. I Became the Villain’s Mother

Haena is isekai-ed into her favourite book as the legendary Duchess Roselia Chade. She is now surrounded by riches, power, and her own family. Life could not be better if it weren’t for the fact that her adoring stepson, Einspanner Chade, is also the horrible villain destined to kill her. Ein is still a sweet child who has yet to experience his brutal awakening at this point in the story but her character had not been kind to him. Roselia is determined to keep him from ever becoming a cold-blooded murderer by being a model and loving mother to him. However, with the duke in her way and seeking to poison his own son, she may find that raising this potentially villainous child is tougher than she thought.

10. Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage

Father, I Don't Want This Marriage

Juvelian is such a despised villain that both her lover and her father abandon her to die a miserable death at the hands of the crown prince.  She has an opportunity to change the path of her storey when she wakes up in her bed years before the events that led up to her suicide – saving herself from the death that was coming her way at the hands of the cruel prince.  She separates from her lover and stops attempting to win her father’s love in order to prevent the awful outcome she knows is coming. Instead, she concentrates on making the most of her new life by utilising his money! However, while she prepares for her lavish life as a lady, her father begins seeking a new suitor for her. She comes up with a desperate solution: a dating contract, fearful that he’ll marry her off to the prince. The most qualified candidate is none other than her father’s former student, Max, with his own secrets.

11. Midnight Poppy Land

Midnight Poppy Land

A small-town book editor’s life becomes entwined with a young Mafia lord and his fearsome but captivating bodyguard after uncovering a terrible find in the countryside. Even as every step she takes draws her deeper into the dangerous underworld of the city, he can not keep away from her. At first for work and then because of something more.

12. The Makeup Remover

The Makeup Remover

Yeseul feels bewildered when she begins college and is suddenly expected to pay attention to makeup and physical appearance after years of being told to concentrate on her studies. Yeseul begins to examine the importance of beauty and looks in society after an accidental encounter with talented makeup artist Yuseong which leads to her participating in a televised makeup competition.

13. Sixth Sense Kiss

Yesul Hong has a secret: she can see snippets of the future when she kisses somebody. When she can’t see herself in their future, it’s easy to feel she hasn’t met the right guy. She doesn’t put this skill to much use until one day, when she kisses her terrible boss, Minhu Cha, who has a secret of his own. She gets a glimpse of them in bed together.  As if that wasn’t perplexing enough, the next day she arrives at work to discover that her first love and ex has been hired to work in her department.

14. Let’s Play

Let's Play

Socially anxious, Sam aspires to be a game developer, but before she can begin, a well-known gaming personality releases a video of himself testing her first game and giving it a negative review and his followers had gone and rated her game badly without even playing the game.  To make matters worse, she discovers he is her new next-door neighbour! 

15. Winter Woods

Winter was made by an alchemist a few thousand years ago and now finds himself living with a woman named Jane. In return for letting him live with her, he must tell her his tale. Winter learns to understand what it means to be human as a result of their conversations, and Jane begins to see a man who has impacted her life in far more ways than she could have ever imagined.

Have you read any of these romance reads?


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