Detective Conan Catch Up Month 2

Taking on the massive series with over 1 000 episodes, Detective Conan has so far been a challenge. With the end of February that meant my second month of watching a few episodes a day has come to an end. I mentioned in the Properly starting Detective Conan post that this journey will take me 7 months to reach up-to-date status with the series. I am now onto month 3 but with the completion of the first and second month, 28 days each, I should have completed 280 episodes.

Detective Conan - S09E20 - The Osaka 3 K Case (Part Two) SDTV-DCTP.avi_snapshot_17.21.403

Here is how my Case Closed journey has gone so far…


I have completed 263 episodes of the estimated 1062 episodes. That means I have 816 episodes to go! I am so glad that I breached the 200 episode mark and have entered into the 800+ episodes until completion. I completed 103 episodes which meant I was 37 episodes behind my initial goal. February saw me watch 20 episodes above my goal, so I watched a total of 160 episodes during month 2. That means I am still behind on where I should be, by 17 episodes.

As per usual, I fell behind, but through sheer determination, I managed to actually reach my goal for the month and make an attempt at catching up. Some days, I would binge my way through 15 episodes or more. I’m hoping that by March, I’ll have caught up on those 17 episodes and will have reached my goal of 155 episodes despite being busy with my two other challenges:

Detective Conan Case Closed Episode Check List
I changed up my checklist and gave them gradients 😋

For March I am already 4 episodes ahead, so I have hope for catching up.

Thoughts I have about Detective Conan

There are a lot of interesting crimes and really creative and inventive methods for people carrying them out. I have picked up that locked rooms and using Kogoro Mori as an alibi are recurring instances throughout the series. I rather enjoy the murders using nature and animals like the sea snake and wasps episodes.

I am really starting to get concerned for Mori’s health. His drinking and smoking are extreme and I just can not see his body holding up well.

Detective Conan - S06E17 - The Truth of the Exploding Car Case (2) SDTV-Judas.mkv_snapshot_06.28.022

The relationships shown in the series are getting better and better. I adore that they are complex and have depth, to them. Such as Ran’s parents and how she fits in with them. The now overly complicated relationship between Ran and Shinichi and the friendship between Conan and the kids and the ex-group member are messy, and I live for them. The anime is giving us quite a few cute and sincere moments between the characters as well.

I am glad we are getting more characters in the police world. I was just starting to think that Detective Megure’s jurisdiction was too big. I really enjoy the episodes with the new law enforcement characters like Miwako Sato and Wataru Takagi. I am so glad that we do get new recurring characters. I do like that Detective Megure does start to question why Mori is at so many places where there also happens to be a dead body.

Will any of the deaths in this be a standard suicide or accident? Without it be a murder in disguise. I would like to see Conan confirm an accident or suicide for what it is rather than have another murder solved.

I would like to see Conan put more effort into solving his own case. I can see why there are so many episodes with him still being a child. It seems he does not really put himself and his case as a priority. I do pay a little more attention when the episode contains the black organisation. I do wish that these episodes were more frequent.

Detective Conan - S09E12 - The Mysterious Passenger Black Organisation

I like Gin – the character and his namesake. At this point, I am watching the anime to complete it yes, but now mainly for the Black Organisation.

I am getting frustrated with the carrying episode lengths. It is making it a challenge to effectively plan my viewing. Watching Shinichi’s first case on the aeroplane with the underwire was interesting but also really random and came out of nowhere.

Questions I have about the series

Detective Conan - S05E25 - The Stadium Indiscriminate Threatening Case (2) SDTV-Judas.mkv_snapshot_21.03.014
  • Why is Conan so okay with exposing the children to danger and dead bodies?
  • Will this ever be more than case after case after case? – It seems unlikely
  • How much time has passed since he turned into a child? – Someone mentioned there is a theory, sorry I forgot to respond, please share it with me.
  • Will Ran ever know who Conan really is without having it explained away?
  • Why does Ran live with her dad and not her mom?
  • Who is Kaito Kid in the grand scheme of things? ( I saw the episode where they show his face and give name and all that, but I want to know what is his role in the series)
  • Why are so many characters suddenly calling Conan, ‘cool guy’?

Now with that all said and done, I’m onto the third month of my journey to clear this anime. Are you taking on any long-running anime?


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  1. I’m also watching Detective Conan, but I’m not nearly as far along as you! I’m on episode 97, and a lot of the questions you thought of I was also wondering about. Honestly, I would love it if Shinichi would put his own case first a little. If he doesn’t want to spend his whole life being a kid, he really needs to put more effort into it!

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