First 5, Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

Aharen Is Indecipherable is an anime that was not on my to watch list for the spring anime season. The poster and the synopsis did not really catch me. I watched the first episode and then the next and now here we are with a five-episode experience post. I give an anime five episodes to convince me whether I will complete it or if I will put it aside and either try again another day or drop it altogether.

Aharen san wa Hakarenai
  • Art: Simple and clear 
  • Pacing: Not following a set plotline so does not matter – does have multiple stories per episode
  • Characters: Loveable and each have their extreme quirks
  • Comedy: Brilliantly light-hearted


Since this is a brand new anime and still airing, I have given my impressions of each episode in a way that has still kept it spoiler-free. Or as spoiler-free as I possibly could.

Episode 1 of Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai episode 01

Raidou has just been introduced and I already adore him. So far I am not a big fan of Reina. What happened to the concept of personal space? I like the animation style and the feel with the pacing, the music and the monologue of Raidou’s inner thoughts. How low must your voice be for the mic to not pick it up? The little things that go across the screen are cute – whatever they may be. That note-passing became intense and those headbutts – poor Raidou. He is trying so earnestly. I think this is going to be a rather cute anime to watch. Episode one has done a great job of introducing us to the main characters and their quirks.

Episode 2

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai episode 02

I have come to really enjoy the art style and we are only two episodes in. Needing eyedrops is something I can 100% relate to at the moment. With the change of season and the amount of dust in the air, my eyes are incredibly dry and itchy. Just like Aharen, I struggle to put them in myself and usually close my eyes. I do not know how I feel about Aharen being so small. I adore Raidou’s imagination, it is brilliant. I am glad Aharen-san is not quite so quiet. Although I do wish she would speak up more instead of just gesturing. Mitsuki is really a stalker but not a subtle one. I was surprised that we already have a new character. I thought we would have just the main pair for another episode or two before new characters would join in. 

Episode 3 of Aharen Is Indecipherable

Aharen Is Indecipherable episode 3

Why is Aharen so useless and unable to do basic things for herself? The eyedrops of episode two I understood. The lip balm? Applying cream? Mitsuki should probably consider a job in the beauty industry. Watching the three of them becoming friends is interesting. I enjoyed the reference to other anime in the brief moment hairstyle scene. We also get a few more references throughout. I hope Raidou’s imagination does not get reigned in. I can already tell each episode is going to be nothing but cute and silly nonsense. The character dance at the end of this episode was cute too. I am glad Raidou was part of it.

Episode 4

aharen is indecipherable episode 4

If the teacher could tell that Aharen could not see the board due to being too short, why did she not move her? It has just dawned on me, the anime is focusing on enhancing personality tropes but not enough to classify as a satire, hence Aharen. I am no longer frustrated with Aharen and now like her as a character. The anime is full of one random moment after another but the rap really came out of nowhere. Raidou’s sister is precious and does not get enough credit or recognition. I do not know how I feel about a fidget spinner making it into an anime. It is bringing about really mixed feelings within me. The relationship between Raidou and his sister, I find it so well done and I need the name of his sister.

Episode 5

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai episode 05

I was not expecting Pokemon Go, oops I mean, Kokkemon Ko, to make an appearance and I loved it. To even include a reference to the start-up of the game, is brilliant. I found Raidou acted like a typically experienced player against a noob and went all out. I was thrilled to see Aharen’s counterplay. I genuinely respect Aharen’s ability with claw machines and wish I could have the same ability or even a tenth. The exercise moment was a surprise and 100% had a message behind it. I do love that they were concerned for one another though and doing what they could, in their own way, for their friend.

Will I continue to watch Aharen Is Indecipherable and do I have any expectations?

As mentioned in my post explaining what Iyashikei means, I really enjoy this subgenre. Since this seasonal anime does fall under this sub-genre, I have been really enjoying it. I look forward to each new episode of nonsense and extreme imagination each week. I know I will miss this title once it finishes airing this anime season. So yes I will continue watching this. As for my expectations, I look forward to the quirky friends and seeing the relationship develop between the main pair. I am looking forward to future references and light-hearted humour. Overall, this is a great breather anime and it brings me a sense of joy with each episode. I am not sure how it will hold up as a binge-watch though. 

What are your current impressions of Aharen-san wa Hakarenai?


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