52 Anime in 52 Weeks: April

April saw me start back up with my 52 anime in 52 weeks challenge. I put the challenge on hold due to the intensity of my Anime March Madness challenge. This meant that I did not participate in the challenge during March, which covered weeks 9–13 of this challenge. In April I took the chance to try and catch up on the five anime I was behind on.

A deceptively simple anime challenge of aiming to watch one anime from start to finish once each week. My week starts on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday. So I keep telling myself that I have time, and then Monday comes around.

Here is how April, weeks 14 to 17, of my 52-week challenge, went for me.


Week 14: 6th – 12th April

Season 4 of Date a Live has started airing, but I am completely blanking on what has happened. As such, I thought it was time for a recap through a rewatch. I have watched season one a few times now and I can say I am a fan of Yoshino. I have zero recollection of season two. The more I am watching, the more I am realising that I did not actually watch this. With the end of season 2, I can confirm this is my first time watching it. Season two with the ‘twins’ was really pervy. The idol and cross-dressing were fun. However, the end battle was meh. Season 3, I adore the mischievous Witch, Natsumi. The hermit, Yoshino, is still my favourite spirit. In season 3, Origami frustrates me. However, season 3 is the season that convinced me to carry on with this series.

I have one main question: why do the characters give Shido so much time to reply? The organisation is not all that quick when voting on choices and discussing them. That, for me, was the most unrealistic point of this. Now I can watch season 4 as it airs weekly.

Week 15: 13th-19th April

Anime 1: TONIKAWA: Over the Moon

I started watching TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You when it first aired and then decided to save it for a binge-watch. I am glad that I did. Watching their progression is adorable. Nasa really has no common sense. I feel going to high school and then possibly college would have probably provided a better foundation for their future. Plus, all of that was just for the off chance that he would see her again. Tsukasa is also not the sanest. They are so young, at 18 and 16. I feel marriage at that age is insane.

Anime 2: Irina: The Vampire Cosmonaut

Tsuki to Laika to Nosferatu

You can see the political stereotypes nicely in this. I like that they featured food and drinks native to the countries. I liked our main two characters, Lev and Irina. I also enjoyed watching their relationship develop-but if taken out of the high-stakes situation, will their feelings remain as is or shift towards being more platonic? I feel Irina being a vampire was not really utilised, but I also feel that was the point as they wanted to highlight that even though she is not a human, she is a person. I enjoyed this, but I had to be in the mood to watch it. I am also glad the romance was more of a developmental thing and not the core of this series.

Anime 3: Tanaka-kun is Always Listless

I instantly adored Oota. Such an accepting and accommodating friend. I enjoyed this slice of life so much more than I ever thought I would. Plus, I need more people to watch this iyashikei so I can fangirl over the amazing friend that Oota is to Tanaka.

Week 16: 20th – 26th April

Week 16 I took on both seasons of Kono Oto Tomare. I read the manga, and I was so excited to see that there was going to be an anime. I just did not get around to watching it until now. I am so glad that there are two seasons. The way that season one ended would have frustrated me endlessly. I am relieved I could go straight from season one to two without delay. As if knowing that people would binge, season two starts right where season one ended without much of a recap. Since I have read the manga, I can say the manga is better, but I did really enjoy listening to the music and seeing the characters animated. It has put me in the mood to reread the manga.

Week 17: 27th April – 3rd May

Groove Adventure Rave Master

I started Groove Adventure Rave last year during Fairy Tail week, but I had to put it on hold since my personal life needed my immediate attention. I decided to pick Rave Master up again to prepare for this year’s Fairy Tail week, which I failed to go with. I did manage to watch the anime from start to finish. I was then incredibly frustrated to discover the anime was not complete. I really enjoyed the characters, but there were moments in the anime where I was left bored. Then there were moments when I had to know what happened next. Overall, I am glad that I watched this, but at the same time, I feel my time will be better spent reading the manga.  

Musings on the 52 anime in 52 weeks anime challenge:

In April I managed to complete six anime, so I am still left with three weeks of anime titles to catch up on. It’s not too difficult a task to do, as long as I do not choose anime with too many episodes. I rather enjoyed my anime and genre selection for April. I am disappointed that I did not include a sports-focused one, though. Perhaps in May, I shall make sure to include more sports as that is my anime goal for this year. 

Are you joining me in my 52 anime 52 weeks challenge? How is it going for you? I am following the #52anime52 tag on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest and Gettr, if you would like to share your journey with me and others.

Completion: 14/52 (26.92% completed)


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