Detective Conan Catch Up Month 6

I had aimed to catch up on all of the Detective Conan anime episodes by watching five episodes a day over the course of seven months. The math had shown that it should have taken me 212,4 days in all. At the end of June, I had completed six months of my seven-month journey. 

Due to my Anime March Madness challenge, I had put Detective Conan on hold for two weeks. That means I have an extra 14 days after my seventh month is completed. I am not sure if I am happy with this or not.

Six months into Detective Conan and…


I have completed 24 seasons, which means 778 episodes of an estimated 1062 episodes. That means I have roughly 284 episodes to go! I had fully planned to start on the movies this month. However, that did not happen. I still have not started on any of the movies yet.

I think I might really push in July to catch up and complete these 284 episodes and then spend those extra two weeks watching the movies. I have no idea anymore whether I am up to date or behind. I know that I will probably watch more episodes than five in July to complete this last haul. I am so close!

I am still keeping track with my episode log

Thoughts I have about Detective Conan

Introducing the new high school detective, Masumi is fun. I do want to learn more about her (knew she was a girl from her first moment on screen). I am both curious and suspicious of this new detective as well as the new guy living in Shinichi’s house, Subaru. Plus there is the guy who wants to be Mori’s apprentice, Tooru Amuro. The arrival of these three new and incredibly suspicious characters made me so tense.

The possibility of the house being bugged and the lack of precaution or concern by Conan and the gang regarding this irritates me. It is becoming a really big frustration for me. The lack of security frustrates me to no end. They are so concerned about the black organisation catching them, yet they are so lax in their home. They say and reveal so much with no concern. I may be taking this too seriously, but ugh! 

Conan has also become incredibly lax with his own security when he is wandering around outside and is not as careful when solving the crimes he inevitably gets involved in. I do wish the police were more competent with solving the crimes and not having Conan solve them all the time. I also feel Conan needs to start getting better excuses for why he is so knowledgeable. The TV excuse has been over-used. His ‘Shinichi said’ is also wearing thin.

The animation has made slight improvements over the first twenty seasons. Season 21, however, immediately had really notable improvements in quality. Season 21 was the first season where the anime felt new. I personally welcomed the update. I looked up the release date for season 21 and was surprised to learn it was 2012. The first intro song for season 22 is the first OST I actually enjoyed and let play for more than two or three episodes. 

For each crime performed, a silhouette of the criminal has been shown. I have not mentioned it before but I really like this aspect of the anime. They give nothing of the criminal away but they add a lot to the show, from showing us the initial actions to general responses. The faces are so expressive, it is pretty impressive and I have appreciated them from the first season.

Seeing Conan try to keep the other kids out of danger and away from dangerous situations has made me really happy. Finally, there is a concern for his friends. The more I am watching Detective Conan, the more I am enjoying Mori’s stupid dad jokes. I think I might need help. 

Since I do not want to reveal too much, I will keep it vague, but the situation on the train with Haibara, the Black Organisation, and the reveal of Bourbon and Conan was so tense. I was hooked on every moment. I really enjoy the episodes that feature the organisation much more than the usual episodes where Conan is solving cases. 

The cases in seasons 22 to 24 have been really high-stake compared to previous seasons.

Questions I have about the series

  • How much time has passed since he turned into a child? – A floating timeline does not sit well with me. So far we have had one Valentine’s Day and one Christmas.
  • Will Ran ever know who Conan really is without having it explained away? She seems to be getting surer and surer.
  • Why does Ran live with her dad and not her mom? I hope we get an answer.
  • Who is Kaito Kid in the grand scheme of things?
  • Why does Conan get sick so often, Haibara too?
  • Why are the police in this series okay with involving children in criminal cases?

The seventh month of my Detective Conan journey is on its way. Are you watching any long-running anime?


Your thoughts?

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