Bleach Episode 4: Cursed Parakeet

I have put together this brief overview of Bleach Episode four, Cursed Parakeet as part of my rewatch of the anime. I am rewatching the anime so that I shall be prepared for the final arc, the Thousand Year Blood War. I am curious whether the final arc will be delivered as a single season or if it will be released in batches.

Arc: Agent of the Shinigami arc / Manga Chapter: 7-9

What happens in Bleach episode four

Sado/Chad acquires a cursed pet, a Parakeet where all of its previous owners have died in horrible ways. After Chad saves the bird from a falling steel beam, the bird thanks him. Rukia gets a more detailed introduction to Ichigo’s friends. We learn since getting the bird, Chad has had the beam fall on him and got hit by a guy on a motorbike. Chad takes the bird to school after taking the motorbike rider to the hospital. Rukia and Ichigo sense something suspicious about the bird and plan to do something about the spirit inside it.

We get a flashback to eighth grade Ichigo and Chad, to when they first met. Ichigo had been in a fight due to his hair colour and Chad got involved to help him. Yet Chad did not fight back to defend himself. Then we jump back to the rooftop with the bird. When Ichigo gets home the clinic is in a rush because of a big car accident involving four cars and Chad, who still has the bird. Karin, Ichigo’s younger sister has a weird reaction to the parakeet. Chad is unable to keep up with his injuries anymore and collapses. However, after a little bit of rest, he leaves the clinic. Ichigo and Rukia head out to look for him, since they are concerned about the wound Chad had received from a hollow.

Ichigo discovers a new technique by himself while desperate to find Sado by tracking the spirit inside of the bird. Although not feeling well, Karin goes after her brother to tell him what she has learnt about the bird. Ichigo manages to find the bird and catch up with Chad, but just as he does, Karin finds him. Knowing that he would be distracted with his sister and her condition, Rukia instructs him to take her back home and that she would help Sado.

While Ichigo carries Karin home, she tells him about what she had seen of the memories of the spirit possessing the bird. She tells him about the boy’s mother’s murder and that he had witnessed it. When Ichigo hears that he stops running as Karin cries. Rukia struggles to catch up with Sado and complains about her fake body, her gigai. She suddenly gets attacked by a hollow. She tries to use a bakudo on it but realises it was ineffective. Chad learns that Rukia is under attack by the ‘monster’ that had been chasing him and the bird. He puts the bird safe and heads back to help Rukia. Karin begs Ichigo to help the boy trapped in the bird.

Memorable moments of the episode:

Rukia not being able to figure out a juice box and a straw will forever live in my brain rent-free. Ichigo sensing the spirit ribbons is also a moment that really stands out in the episode. I also really enjoy Sado’s dedication to protecting the bird.

Fight in this episode:

  • Rukia Kuchiki vs. Shrieker
Rukia Kuchiki & Yasutora Sado vs. Shrieker Bleach - 004 Agent of the Shinigami Arc - Cursed Parakeet

Bleach Quote I like from this episode

β€œDon’t worry, we’re gonna make it”

– Yasutora Sado
Anime Quote Yasutora Sado (Chad) from Bleach Anime Episode 004 AllAnimeMag

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