5 Epic Anime Cats

It turns out that the 8th of August is supposedly International Cat Day. Like Sebastion from Black Butler, I too am an avid cat lover. Thus, I could not pass up this opportunity to highlight some of my favourite anime felines while showing off some really well-designed pet and side characters.


Luna & Artemis

Sailor Moon S Luna and Artimis Anime Cat

Anime: Sailor Moon

The first mention on this list is technically two cats, but I have featured them as one entry since they are from the same anime. It took a while for me to really warm up to Luna, but Artemis was an instant hit for me when watching Sailor Moon. I have not reached the point in the anime yet, but I believe that they also have a kitten of their own at some point. These two play such a vital role in the series and genuinely without them, there would be no Sailor Moon.


Anime: Fairy Tail and Edens Zero

Aye, sir! You just knew Happy would make my list. When people think of anime cats, there is no way Fairy Tail’s blue-winged kitty cat would fail to make an appearance. I wanted to list a different kitty from the series for this post but I figured for the first cat feature, I would select Happy. I adore him; he is an epic cat and proved to be a brilliant character in the series.


Anime: Blue Exorcist

An absolute sweety of a cat and made me wish I could hear the thoughts of my own cats. Although I doubt my cats would be quite so friendly or adorable. I adore that we had an episode where we just followed Kuro around after he was teased a little. I am glad that Kuro adds to the story and is not just there to show the main character off in a better light. Kuro actually has depth as an animal character in the series.  


Hack Sign cat Isekai Macha (Anime Cat) Macha

Anime: .Hack//SIGN

Macha is one particular anime cat that I was obsessed with. I was then quickly heartbroken to discover that not many others had the obsession with him that I did. There was so little fan art and still is. Every time I rewatch .Hack//SIGN you can guarantee a big portion of the reason is Macha, even though this particular anime cat does not say a single line. A brilliant mystery character that only needed simple gestures and body language.


Pokémon Meowth

Anime: Pokémon

There was no possibility that this list would not feature Meowth. This particular kitten has been part of my life since my childhood and I suspect will be part of the rest of my life. One of my absolute favourite quotes ever is by Meowth and I live by it. He is a truly solid character and even though technically the bad guy, there was never a moment where I could bring myself to dislike this epic kitty.

I have this printed in various sizes and placed in multiple places around my day-to-day.

There are so many more cats from anime that deserve to be on this list. I just decided I would start with these five and feature the other epic kitties in future lists. I know that basically four of my five cats feature on nearly every anime cat list, which is why I would also get them featured and out of the way for future listings. I have yet to see Macha featured on another list featuring kitties though.

Which anime cat would you have placed on this list?


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