Death Parade Timeless Anime Calendar

It is that time of year again when I start making and releasing free anime calendars for the year ahead. I make downloadable and printable anime calendars with screenshots. This meant that for some anime, I am limited if I want to make an annual calendar each year of the same anime. Hence the start of my timeless calendars.

For my second timeless anime calendar, I decided on Death Parade.

What makes the calendar timeless?

Every calendar page has 31 days, so they fit every month. The calendars have space for you to label the day of the week since there are no set weeks. This makes the calendar adaptable to any month and every year. Hence, the calendars are timeless.

Timeless Calendar Anime Calendar Template Example

My calendars have been available to download for free since 2017. Each year the calendar post would include a link to the calendar’s PDF download on Google Drive. This year I am planning on doing it differently. I am hosting the downloadable PDF on my KO-FI account. It will still be free to get but will also make it easier for anyone who would like to leave a ‘tip’ as thanks for my calendars. Or you can save the individual images each month. 

Other anime calendars are available for those of us who enjoy mixing and matching our anime calendars.  

Throughout the next few weeks, I’ll be posting anime series calendars. If you have any specific anime requests for my calendars, comment below. I shall take requests for calendars for the year ahead up until the end of January.  As for my timeless calendars, I shall release those periodically throughout the year.

Death Parade Timeless Anime Calendar

PDF version on Ko-Fi free

Click on the images below to download the calendar page. If you would like all 36 pages (or most/all), check out the full PDF version. I have it listed on my KO-Fi shop account as a free product. 

What do you think about my timeless calendars and the Death Parade theme?

Check out my collection of timeless calendars or the other 2023 anime calendars available.

Your thoughts?

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