Fairy Tail, the Manga Continues

This is a list of Fairy Tail spin-offs, one-shots, and continuing manga series that continue on from the series before and after the main Fairy Tail manga and anime were completed. Plus, what each of the manga titles are about and which Fairy Tail characters are featured as the focus.

Free 2020 Fairy Tail Calendar

I am starting this year’s free downloadable characters off with Fairy Tail. The theme for 2020 is anime battles. Through various polls across social media, I managed to select 12 battles from Fairy Tail to feature. Once I had my list I collected the screenshots and slotted them into this year’s calendar. Without further ado, here… Continue Reading →

Fairy Tail Calendar 2019

Here is the final calendar at the moment for my free anime calendars! The hardest part of creating this year’s set was gathering the facts. I was lucky enough to get great suggestions from Fairy Tail fans for the moments from the anime to use for each month. These are the available calendars so far: One… Continue Reading →

AFAF: Fairy Tail

I love four day weeks, it just makes the weekend arrive so much faster! I really enjoyed this week’s submissions for the Fairy Tail themed fan art feature and I hope you will enjoy them just as much as I have. Your submitted fan art for Fairy Tail!

Fairy Tail, the end is here

This reality is hard to face and is now the third long running manga series that I follow to have ended in two years, first it was Bleach, then it was Naruto and now Fairy Tail. Now all that is really left is One Piece…When that ends I wonder what will happen to all the… Continue Reading →

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