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Hello there,

I have created this blog in hopes that it becomes a a free community where you can voice your opinions and get reliable information on nearly everything anime and manga.

I am a self proclaimed (and declared) Otaku. I devour manga and eat, sleep and think anime. I happily discovered anime on a channel that no longer exists and I have not once looked back. I will admit there are some seriously strange anime and manga out there but let’s be honest, one person’s strange is another’s normal. I will be posting various articles relating to anime and manga. I have been watching anime now for over a decade (cause that sounds better than 10 years).

I will not be posting full anime episodes or manga here. There are plenty of sites that do that already. For sites that you can watch anime online click here.

All the anime and manga that is discussed on AAA I have personally watched and read myself unless stated otherwise. In the reviews I will always give the facts and then state what is my own personal opinion. If your opinion differs to mine I would love to hear about yours.

All my reviews are tainted/guided by my knowledge of characterization, story lines and such since I have studied this at college and do have a diploma in Comprehensive Writing. That’s why you might see me babble on about characters and how they did or did not evolve and thin see through plots.

Other than that, all that is left to say is welcome to All About Anime!


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