18 One Piece Closing Songs and My Favourite Is… [12/30]

As mentioned with yesterday's most enjoyed One Piece intro post, with the anime having nearly one thousand episodes, there are some really good outros. It is sad though that from episode 279, the decision was made to no longer feature closing tracks.

23 One Piece Opening Songs and My Favourite Is… [11/30]

With nearly one thousand episodes, One Piece has had it's fair share of opening songs. Some of them have been amazing, some iconic and some have been epic. Between FUNimataion and 4Kids, we also got some of the intro tracks dubbed into English.

.Hack//Sign Intro Lyrics

The .Hack//Sign's Obsession introduction song is one that has always caught my attention. Although, when you actually pay attention to the lyrics, it doesn't really make much sense. Even with regards to the anime, the lyrics do not really link up. The band See-Saw performed both the introduction and the ending theme "Yasashii Yoake" for the... Continue Reading →

Tenjho Tenge Intro Lyrics

Tenjho Tenge's opening song is Bomb a Head and is sung by m.c.A・T. It is one anime intro that always gets stuck on my brain whenever I hear it. Thus, I finally decided to look into the translation of the song. That way, I can at least know what meaning I am butchering as I... Continue Reading →

Ghibli MV for Piece by Yui Aragaki

Watching the video after reading the lyrics made me wonder how the team came up with the concept as surely, they already had the lyrics. Then I remembered that it is Studio Ghibli and I watched the music video again. The second time I finally connected some of the dots but was still somewhat lost.... Continue Reading →

Soul Land Intro Lyrics

I always listen to an anime intro at least once before I start skipping past it. With Soul Land's intro I was hooked. Every episode I happily let it play as I hummed along. Below is the intro song snipped from one of the episodes in the anime and lyrics were pulled from a translated... Continue Reading →

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