rAge is This Weekend!

I have been posting about rAge since 2016! As usual, I am excited for a weekend to geek out. So far, this is not the latest last-minute post I have done for rAge, but I am cutting it close. I am worried about the new venue. rAge had been an exclusive for the Ticket Pro... Continue Reading →

My Comic Con Africa: Media Day

I took a step back and overhauled my initial planned post for Comi Con Africa 2022. I have too much to say to fit into a single CCA 2022 experience post.

5 Unusual Convention Survival Tips

Convention season is starting up again and I thought I would give tips to survive the convention. I cover medication, first-aid, food, clothing and more.

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 6

Catching up on Detective Conan and I have completed six of my seven month journey.

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 4 and 5

Catching up on Detective Conan during April and May was difficult but I did it!

Detective Conan Catch Up Month 3

March for me was an insane month for me and made my 5 episodes per day nigh impossible. Still, I gave it my best effort.

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