Sucrose, a sugar everyone knows

Following my attempt to learn more about what I am eating and what the words on labels mean, I have started looking at the 50 names for sugar. Here is a break down on Sucrose, the most common type of sugar. Sucrose is so common that most people refer to it as table sugar. Sucrose... Continue Reading →

3 Exercise Essentials

Every good sports or action anime has their training arcs where the characters, whoever they may be, train for a few days and basically level up. Right, in real life this is bull. While training camps can help show you areas you need to work on, it really takes a couple weeks before you reap... Continue Reading →

Agave Nectar/Syrup

In an attempt to learn more about what I am putting in my body I decided to learn more about what the ingredients listed on labels actually are. As such I have decided to start by looking at all the different names for sugar and have decided to start with Agave Nectar or interchangeably, Agave... Continue Reading →

Otaku Moves: Week 2 Reflection

This week had a little more structure but it was still tough. The two challenge days I really dreaded doing. On the up side at least I am slowly getting into a routine to do all this with. So shall we look at how this past week has been? Day 1 I had been nagging... Continue Reading →

Otaku Moves: Week 2 Day 4

By now most of us have heard of a burpee somewhere along the line. However not all know what exactly a burpee is or how much goes into it. This challenge is quite well, challenging. Can you do a burpee? The challenge: Do 10 Burpees How To do a burpee: Stand with your feet hip... Continue Reading →

Otaku Moves: Week 2 Day 3

The below exercise is meant to strengthen your core with four simple moves. This was supposed to go up yesterday but I only saw this morning that it had not. Turned out I picked the wrong thursday when I scheduled it. So now I am pushing the schedule back by a day! FOCUS: The Core... Continue Reading →

Otaku Moves: Week 2 Day 1

Yay! The second week has arrived and as such so has day 1! Since the week has officially started, I can excitedly announce this week’s theme! If you have watched the anime then you will know it is full of heartache, laughs and plenty of memorable moments but it is also chock full of movement... Continue Reading →

Otaku Moves: Week 2

Since my original plan of post on the day what needs to be done that day clearly failed I have revised it. Why I did not do it this way from the beginning I have no idea, or wait, I was trying to be clever…So here is the revised strategy. I shall give each week... Continue Reading →

Otaku Moves: Week 1 Reflection

Oh my, oh my, oh my, that doesn’t even begin to cover it. Day one was complicated. Day 2 did not even come around. Thank you Rupin for following up on this, although I am sorry that I did not manage to get around to posting the rest of the days. So let me start... Continue Reading →

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