21 Day Challenge #3

Monday saw the end of another of my 21-day challenges. This time around I had been challenged to watch genre’s that I don’t usually watch. That meant that I would be watching anime from mainly the mecha genre over the course of the 21 days as well as touching base with the slice of life... Continue Reading →

21 Day Challenge #2

Well, I am late in putting this post together since this one overlapped from January and went over into February and we are already basically halfway through March. Why and how is the time going by so quickly? Anyhow, for the second challenge of the year, I was challenged to talking to my followers every... Continue Reading →

21 Day Challenge #1

2018 has come and now we are 28 days in and I have completed one challenge already and have quite a few more to go this year. For 2018 I decided to be selfish this year and make it about me. I am planning to rediscover who I am and what I really want. I... Continue Reading →

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