Who is Your Favourite Villain in One Piece and Why? [7/30]

es not mean that the villain is the best one of the series. For my favourite ladies post I pretty much listed two villainesses but I didn't chose them for their villainy. For the best villain I'd be hard pressed to pick one. As for my favourite though, I've mentioned one of them before in a previous post.

What is Your Favourite Quote or Statement From One Piece? [6/30]

As a long running series One Piece has had thousands upon thousands of lines between the characters. It is inevitable that there would be some truly amazing quotes and some really stupid lines. Whether it is stupid or inspirational there have been some memorable lines.

Who is Your Favourite Female Character in One Piece and Why? [5/30]

When it comes to the women of One Piece I honestly have not paid much attention to them. That means picking a favourite is incredibly challenging. After giving it a lot of thought and trying to recall the women, there are a few that stand out to me. I do like Boa Hancock, I like Vivi too, Nami is a good contender and so is Robin. Carrot is cute too but none of them are my favourite.

Who is Your Favourite Male Character in One Piece and Why? [4/30]

I have multiple characters in One Piece that I would consider for my favourites. I can name quite a few like Shanks, Rayleigh, Ace, Sabo, Kakakuri, the guy from CPO with the bird...I am a simple one to please. As such, deciding on a single favourite was really difficult and as such, I settled for my top two.

Why Should People Avoid Watching or Reading One Piece? [3/30]

I know that this can come across as a more negative question but there are legitimate reasons for people to avoid One Piece. I shall be listing my reasons, as a fan of One Piece but also as someone who had to put the effort in so that I could enjoy the series. This is the 3rd post of the 30 One Piece Questions series.

Why Should Others Start Watching or Reading One Piece? [2/30]

Yesterday, the 22nd of July, was "One Piece Day" and it kickstarted my answers for my 30 day journey answering 30 One Piece Questions. One Piece is one of the longest-running manga and has gone beyond the 1000 chapter mark and is fast approaching the 1 000 episode mark as well.

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