AFAF: Naruto

This week I have had such a great reaction to the Anime Fan Art Friday and recieved quite a few submissions. I love you all for submitting and I really enjoyed each and every submission. So I am not going to waste any more time and going to dive straight into the art, which is... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Angel Beats

Is it the weekend yet? Yes! It is finally Friday and as you know, that means Anime Fan Art Friday is here! In case it was not obvious or you missed the signs, but this week's theme is Angel Beats and I have been really excited for this one. This week has been a very... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Missed Features

Each week I do a themed Anime Fan Art Friday and this week is no different, except I am covering all of the anime that have already been featured. I am also doing one other new thing, I am not sourcing art, instead, I am just linking to the previous features if you have not... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Black Butler

Once again, sorry that I am late! The past couple days have been rough and really, crazily busy. So without any further delay, let us get to what you have been waiting for… Your submitted fan art for Black Butler! Sebastian Michaelis By Simone’ Bruger You can find her on Instagram here The Phantomhive Twins By Simone’... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Full Metal Alchemist

Golly gosh how is it already Friday? It feels like yesterday was Tuesday. This week flew by in a rush and even though I managed to start on my own bit of fan art for Full Metal Alchemist, the rest of the time flew by and I did not get a chance to finish it... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Couples

With Wednesday being Valentine's day it just made sense that this week's Anime Fan Art Friday theme should be anime couples. Whether they are official couples or just 'ships' and no matter the genre, they were all welcome. Each week just reconfirms that there are really talented people out there! So without further delay… Here is... Continue Reading →

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