.Hack//Sign Intro Lyrics

The .Hack//Sign's Obsession introduction song is one that has always caught my attention. Although, when you actually pay attention to the lyrics, it doesn't really make much sense. Even with regards to the anime, the lyrics do not really link up. The band See-Saw performed both the introduction and the ending theme "Yasashii Yoake" for the... Continue Reading →

Soul Land Intro Lyrics

I always listen to an anime intro at least once before I start skipping past it. With Soul Land's intro I was hooked. Every episode I happily let it play as I hummed along. Below is the intro song snipped from one of the episodes in the anime and lyrics were pulled from a translated... Continue Reading →

Anime Intro Quiz #4

At least the wait for the fourth anime intro quiz was not too long this time around. I had quite a bit of fun putting this one together. The quiz will be slightly different next time for number 5 but there will only be minor changes. Remember to set the volume on the video so... Continue Reading →

Anime Intro Quiz #3

Finally here is the third anime intro quiz that I put together. Some are claiming that this one is rather easy, until number 5. Remember to set the volume on the video so you can hear the intros. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg5FcUwL2gg How many of the 10 could you get? Comment below 🙂 Which of the anime intro’s in the... Continue Reading →

Pop That Lyrics

This intro song is a big part of why I am watching Brave Beats. The song is called Pop That and is sung by LOL. It really is a poppy funky song. I always tap my foot along with it and at times really do want to dance to it. One of the few opening... Continue Reading →

My Dearest Lyrics

Guilty Crown
- My Dearest

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