7 Of My Favourite Quotes From One Piece So Far [6/30]

As a long running series One Piece has had thousands upon thousands of lines between the characters. It is inevitable that there would be some truly amazing quotes and some really stupid lines. Whether it is stupid or inspirational there have been some memorable lines.

Anime Talk January Round Up

2020 was a long year for many reasons and I myself as an anime fan and member of an anime community took a step back. I had gone silent, even becoming a ghost member in my WhatsApp group. Thus, I decided no more and that this year I would step it up and actually get... Continue Reading →

You Questioned and I Answered

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who asked me a question. Some of your questions really  had me stumped and others had me questioning the way I view things. The whole Q&A came about as a suggestion to help me celebrate a milestone I had been aiming for. This... Continue Reading →

My Anime Crushes

I am busy throwing a mini tantrum over here, including foot stomping and lip pouting. How on earth am I supposed to choose an anime crush? I basically have a crush in nearly every anime I watch, yes some of the characters are the cliché and others are the main characters. However I have picked... Continue Reading →

Anime That I Want To Watch

Alright so I am going to use this as an opportunity to type up some of my ‘To Watch List’ that I have scribbled and lying around here somewhere. This is such a long list and truth be told, I do not know what most of these anime are about. I have compiled this list... Continue Reading →

Anime that I am ashamed I enjoyed

I know in general there are no anime that you should feel ashamed for watching but there are. Whether it is due to the reputation of the show like Boku no Pico (if you don’t know this one, I advise you research with caution) or the art work or just because of your own personal... Continue Reading →

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