Anime with best animation

This anime has some of the best animation I have seen and really enjoyed. The art work is simply stunning and I really enjoy the images from this show. It is bright and colourful. All the meticulous detail in the anime is incredible! The art work for this particular anime leaves me feeling inspired. So what anime... Continue Reading →

Favourite Fighter Anime

On a general basis I am not the biggest fan of action based shows and movies. However I do enjoy a bit of action that adds to the show rather than is the show. Like Dragon Ball those fights are way too long for my liking and they get drawn out over too many episodes.... Continue Reading →

Bleach, the end is near

The time draws near...when all the stories...come to their end...Just (?) more chapters!!

Watch Order of the .Hack series

I occasionally watch the .Hack series of anime. I know how confusing they can be since if not watched in order it is easy to get lost in the anime. Especially since the characters do refer back to previous .hacks in the series. Below is the chronological order in which the events take place in... Continue Reading →

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