5 Epic Anime Cats

A simple list featuring five epic cats from different anime for International Cat Day on the 8th of August 2022.

Blue Exorcist, Nothing More Than an Intro

Blue Exorcist, first released back in 2011 and was an instant hit in the community. Then it continued, got weird and then did not continue. Which led to mixed reviews and reactions.

Top 20 Seasonal Anime of 2011

Looking back over the decade (2010-2019) there have been some real gems in the anime that have been released. Here I have a look at the top seasonal anime of 2011. The list has been broken up into the top 5 anime of each season based on views, rating and popularity. Top 5 anime of... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Blue Exorcist

Just like that, another week has gone past and it is once again time for Anime Fan Art Friday! Amazing how every week Friday seems so far away and then it is suddenly here again. As you are aware by now the theme for this week is Blue Exorcist! Thank you for your Fan Art... Continue Reading →

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