Bleach 67-Day Watch Plan

To prepare for the return of Bleach with the Thousand Year Blood War arc in October, I shall be rewatching the entirety of the Bleach anime, movies and extra episodes over 67 days with my chronological watch plan.

30 Questions for Bleach Fans – a Series

I recently completed a 30 question series for One Piece over 30 days and I really had fun with it. So I decided to take a brief break and then start up again with 30 questions for myself and my fellow Bleach fans. Like with the One Piece questions, these are suitable for both the anime and manga.

Best voice in Bleach

With so many characters Bleach had a massive casting and as such there were so many voices and obviously, there were some I could listen to endlessly and there were some which made me want to rip my ears off. So naturally, it would stand to reason that I would have a favourite voice. The... Continue Reading →

Worst & Best Mod Souls

The mod souls in Bleach have a really bad rep and I can not really argue it. Kon, the original mod soul that we were introduced to was an actual part of the series, the rest were made from filler episodes. There were four main mod souls being (image left to right) Kurōdo, Noba, Ririn and... Continue Reading →

Bleach Taught Me

There are anime that you can watch and get nothing from, then there are somewhere you can actually learn something. Bleach taught me a few things which have helped in my anime viewing and in some of my actual real life. Here is what I have learned from Bleach. Shinigami - this is an actual... Continue Reading →

Bleach scene that made me sad

There were so many scenes that made me sad and for so many reasons. A lot of them were character deaths like the one I will mention below. What made it sad for me was the character really appealed to me and I liked him from the very first time we saw him on screen.... Continue Reading →

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