6 Years of All About Anime and Manga

The 6th anniversary of my blog, All About Anime and Manga. With this blogaversary post, I take the opportunity to reflect and process.

A battle with dyslexia and laziness

It makes me positively ill, to the point where it's hard to swallow and my heart sinks deeply into my stomach. I have done it again, and I thought I had been doing quite well recently. Yet in just the span of two weeks, I have had three spelling errors. Two of which, my boss... Continue Reading →

Belated welcome to 2017!

Wowie the first week of 2017 has already come and basically gone! Time truly flies by and gets away from us. However if it is already running away from me I am worried about how quickly the rest of this year will go by. As it is I am late in releasing the anime calendars... Continue Reading →

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