5 Unusual Convention Survival Tips

Convention season is starting up again and I thought I would give tips to survive the convention. I cover medication, first-aid, food, clothing and more.

ICON 2018, I’m only 2 weeks late

I can not believe I was so hyped for ICON CGC just a few weeks ago and now here we are two weeks after the fact! I figured I better make some time and actually talk about my own personal experiences from it. Otherwise, another week would pass before I realise it.  Please note that... Continue Reading →

GeekFest is almost here!

I am rather excited for GeekFest especially since I have never been to it before and am not really sure what to expect.  This will be their  6th annual GeekFest and will be held in Johannesburg. ~What they say~ What You Can See: Robo Wars (with amazing prizes to be won) LARP (live action role-playing) Displays... Continue Reading →

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