5 Unusual Convention Survival Tips

Convention season is starting up again and I thought I would give tips to survive the convention. I cover medication, first-aid, food, clothing and more.

Anime in Jump Force

Jump Force, a game based on a selection of Shōnen Jump's anime. The game covers 15 anime titles and has 53 characters pulled from those titles. Of those characters, 10 are paid for as DLC's (downloadable content). Check out the below list to see which anime and characters were pulled into the game.

Free Dragon Ball Calendar 2020

With the theme for this year's calenders being anime battles, I knew I just had to include Dragon Ball. However, this did pose a slight problem for me. Although I did get recommendations on which battles to feature in the calendar, I had no way of knowing if the images I would be looking at... Continue Reading →

My very first ComicEx!

Oh wow how quickly the time flies. I can not believe ComicEx has now already come and gone. ComicEx offers sci-fi, gadgets, tech, comics, movies, gaming, cosplay, Parkour, live entertainment, music, dance, magic and so much more. ComicEx presents a diverse range of exhibitors, artists, stage performers and competitions. They aim to be a geeky... Continue Reading →

AFAF: Dragon Ball

This week felt extra short for me since it was basically a three day week for me. With Friday and then Tuesday being a public holiday my boss was kind enough to close the company on Monday making for a 5-day weekend. Thus, this week, Friday really arrived rather quickly. Your submitted fan art for... Continue Reading →

The first anime I ever watched was…

So the anime challenge begins with the first anime I ever watched which was...

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