Hacking it with Noiz in DRAMAtical Murder

Noiz from the DRAMAtical Murder game reminds me of a good buddy of mine. So his path was a challenge hard for me...

Getting Lovey Dovey with Koujaku in DRAMAtical Murder

I finally managed to get Koujaku's route in DRAMAtical Murder. His was the route I was most looking forward to playing through.

1 Playthrough to Unlock 4 DRAMAtical Murder Routes

A guide to unlocking all four DRAMAtical Murder character routes for the official (censored), cracked and original (uncensored) DMMD game.

Why is Mink’s Route so Violent in DRAMAtical Murder?

Mink is extremely violent. I had been aiming for Koujaku. The anime tames this guy and I most certainly had no idea what I was in for. 

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