My very first ComicEx!

Oh wow how quickly the time flies. I can not believe ComicEx has now already come and gone. ComicEx offers sci-fi, gadgets, tech, comics, movies, gaming, cosplay, Parkour, live entertainment, music, dance, magic and so much more. ComicEx presents a diverse range of exhibitors, artists, stage performers and competitions. They aim to be a geeky... Continue Reading →

21 Day Challenge #2

Well, I am late in putting this post together since this one overlapped from January and went over into February and we are already basically halfway through March. Why and how is the time going by so quickly? Anyhow, for the second challenge of the year, I was challenged to talking to my followers every... Continue Reading →

Best Bleach Zanpakuto

Once again this was a challenge for me to answer. There are just so many to choose from and to limit yourself to picking just a single one. A few honorable mentions would be: Sode no Shirayuki (Rukia) Benihime (Urahara) Kazeshini (Hisagi) However the below list is my top Zanpakuto, once again no particular order. Hyōrinmaru - Toshiro... Continue Reading →

Anime with best animation

This anime has some of the best animation I have seen and really enjoyed. The art work is simply stunning and I really enjoy the images from this show. It is bright and colourful. All the meticulous detail in the anime is incredible! The art work for this particular anime leaves me feeling inspired. So what anime... Continue Reading →

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