Free Bleach Anime Calendar 2020

Bleach, my final preannounced free 2020 anime calendar. It seems that no matter what, Bleach fits in with every theme I have had for these free calendars, that and I am obsessed with the anime. Thus with another year, I have dedicated hours to another epic Bleach calendar. With each year the screenshots get older... Continue Reading →

Free Dragon Ball Calendar 2020

With the theme for this year's calenders being anime battles, I knew I just had to include Dragon Ball. However, this did pose a slight problem for me. Although I did get recommendations on which battles to feature in the calendar, I had no way of knowing if the images I would be looking at... Continue Reading →

Free Naruto Calendar 2020

The theme for 2020 is anime battles. Thankfully there were plenty of suggestions and comments on which battles to feature in this year's calendar. I had to source some of the screenshots and already had a couple others that I needed. Getting to relive and remember all of these epic moments was really great and... Continue Reading →

Free One Piece 2020 Calendar

The theme for 2020 is Anime battles! When selecting the battles to highlight in the calendar I once again asked the community around the blog to get suggestions and boy, did I get a whole lot of really good suggestions! So by taking nothing other than community suggestions, I present to you 2020's One Piece... Continue Reading →

Free My Hero Academia Calendar 2020

The theme for 2020 is anime battles. Thankfully I thought to ask my followers what battles they would like to see from the anime, My Hero Academia. I would have had a tough time picking just 12 all on my own. I think you all did a pretty decent job of narrowing my selection down... Continue Reading →

Free 2020 Romance Anime Calendar

The theme for 2020 is romance battles. Thus when picking the couples and romance anime to use in this calendar I made sure to select those who really had to 'fight' to be together. Whether they are fighting their own selves or their current situation. Of course, not all of them had a successful end,... Continue Reading →

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