Conventions and Events I aim to attend in 2020

For a few years now I have made it my mission to attend as many geeky affairs as I possibly could (even to the detriment of my own health). With each passing year, I learn of new events where I can meet up with my fellow content creators and friends and am given a chance... Continue Reading →

GeekFest is this weekend!

Oh my gosh, I just finished reading the press release for GeekFest and now I am really excited for this year's event. This year the theme is Big in Japan. The theme, Big In Japan, makes me rather happy as it means that I have not missed the theme that could probably not be a better fit for my... Continue Reading →

The “anime” cons & expos I aim to attend in 2019

When I first really fell into the whole 'anime' world and really got into it, there weren't really stores or events in South Africa that helped me express this new found passion of mine. Or rather, so I had thought. It was only after talking to other people at rAge did I learn that there... Continue Reading →

GeekFest 2018, come and gone

Wow what a weekend! Between my parent's going away, GeekFest and then a sudden family emergency the weekend did not go quite as expected. Or rather, Saturday did not go quite as expected. However, I did manage to make it to GeekFest for both Saturday and Sunday and for that I am really grateful and... Continue Reading →

GeekFest is almost here!

I am rather excited for GeekFest especially since I have never been to it before and am not really sure what to expect.  This will be their  6th annual GeekFest and will be held in Johannesburg. ~What they say~ What You Can See: Robo Wars (with amazing prizes to be won) LARP (live action role-playing) Displays... Continue Reading →

The “anime” cons & expos I aim to attend in 2018

It is that time of year where I start looking at my overall finances and goals for the year ahead and see how I can make the two of them line up. Having said that, I have decided to actively become more involved in the 'geek' community in my area - a.k.a basically Gauteng and... Continue Reading →

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