3 Exercise Essentials

Every good sports or action anime has their training arcs where the characters, whoever they may be, train for a few days and basically level up. Right, in real life this is bull. While training camps can help show you areas you need to work on, it really takes a couple weeks before you reap... Continue Reading →

21 Day Challenge #1

2018 has come and now we are 28 days in and I have completed one challenge already and have quite a few more to go this year. For 2018 I decided to be selfish this year and make it about me. I am planning to rediscover who I am and what I really want. I... Continue Reading →

Otaku Moves: Week 2 Reflection

This week had a little more structure but it was still tough. The two challenge days I really dreaded doing. On the up side at least I am slowly getting into a routine to do all this with. So shall we look at how this past week has been? Day 1 I had been nagging... Continue Reading →

Otaku Moves: Week 2 Day 4

By now most of us have heard of a burpee somewhere along the line. However not all know what exactly a burpee is or how much goes into it. This challenge is quite well, challenging. Can you do a burpee? The challenge: Do 10 Burpees How To do a burpee: Stand with your feet hip... Continue Reading →

Otaku Moves: Week 2 Day 3

The below exercise is meant to strengthen your core with four simple moves. This was supposed to go up yesterday but I only saw this morning that it had not. Turned out I picked the wrong thursday when I scheduled it. So now I am pushing the schedule back by a day! FOCUS: The Core... Continue Reading →

Otaku Moves: Week 2 Day 2

Oh here is the dreaded day! Day 2 of Week 2 has finally arrived and I don't know about you but I am faced with a serious challenge. If you remember the schedule for Week 2 you will know that today's challenge is none other than squats! A serious weakness of mine. How can they... Continue Reading →

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