.Hack//Legend of the Twilight, A Decade On

Thirteen years ago I watched the journey of Shugo and Rena during .Hack//Legend of the Twilight on Animax. There were certain scenes that just stuck with me through the years and thought it was time for a rewatch.

What does Isekai mean?

I had been watching and reading a lot of Isekai styled stories before I had even known there was such a term to describe them. Chances are that you have been enjoying or suffering this genre too without even knowing it. Definition of Isekai Isekai is a subcategory of the Fantasy genre. It refers to... Continue Reading →

Is gaming like in SAO and .hack possible?

Okay, okay I know this is strictly not anime related but I just seriously had to share this with you. The geek in me really geeked out and my inner otaku heart started racing at the possibilities. So what has got me all a quiver and hyped out? VIRTUAL REALITY. Even better it was virtual... Continue Reading →

Order of the .Hack series

Okay, so I have started watching the .Hacks again and I know how confusing they can be since if not watched in order it is easy to get lost in the anime. Especially since the characters do refer back to previous .hacks. Below is the chronological order in which the events take place in the... Continue Reading →

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